Living in the Heart Space with Bhakti, the Yoga of Love


Rejoice with Rayananda and Yamuna in this workshop -- "Living in the Heart Space: How to Apply Bhakti, the Yoga of Love, to Your Own Life for Happiness, Wellbeing and Spiritual Growth" -- that will combine practical lessons from sacred Bhakti Yoga texts and devotional chanting using traditional Indian instruments.

Topics include teachings from Narada’s Bhakti Yoga Sutras, purification techniques to open our hearts, and the use of powerful Sanskrit mantras to achieve lasting peace and happiness.

No experience is necessary. This program is open to all yearning souls from all spiritual traditions.

Rayananda & Yamuna have been Bhakti Yoga practitioners for many years and have studied with numerous teachers in the Bhakti tradition. They regularly lead kirtans at yoga studios and spiritual centers.