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Hike till you drop 3

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Hike till you drop 3


Again this year a couple weeks prior to the 4th annual KT backpacking trip I'll be hosting a warm up along the north loops at Spurgeon Hollow. The first loop will start at 6:00 am and be 8.5 miles. we should arrive back at our vehicles just before 10:00 am. Then we do the other small loop starting about 10:30 am, again about 8.5 miles in 4 hours. And finally we do the big loop if anyone can make it, starting about 3:00 pm and hiking the 13 miles in around 5.5 hours.
So come out and enjoy any one of these hikes or multiple ones. Starting times may be later as we don't leave anyone behind, but please know what your getting into as this is the most difficult trail in the state. The hills are very steep and climb continuously as you sometimes switchback (and sometimes climb straight up) several hundred feet of elevation change. Bring plenty of water and snacks, as we'll be taking short breaks back at the parking area after every loop. Bring a headlamp for the first or last hike, as we start a good hour plus before sunrise on the first hike, and depending on speed we might finish well after sunset on the last loop. Bring lots of water and snacks for on trail, and maybe something more substantial to scarf down between hikes at the parking area. Hiking sticks or poles are also a good idea, and first aid and whatever you'll need to feel comfortable on this hike.

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Knobstone Hiking Trail Association of Indiana Meetup
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