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Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan If You Want a Million Dollar Business
Do you have what it takes to develop a million-dollar business? Business coach and Copywriter Sean McCool ( will be presenting on "Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan If You Want a Million Dollar Business." But here's what's really great about the plan Sean will be sharing with you. It will also work for creating a six-figure business... or even a thriving five-figure side business. Imagine it... What could you do with a business that yields an extra five or even six figures over the next 12 months? Sean has worked behind the scenes of multiple multi-million dollar businesses and has discovered some key traits they all share. He'll be revealing those to you so that you can apply what he's learned to your own business--no matter what its current size is right now or the size you want it to be. The secret to having a million dollar business comes down to 3 steps: Focus, planning, and action. Without one of these steps, the others are useless and you won’t reach your big goals. You may move your business along slowly but to reach the big time, you need ALL 3 of these steps to work in sync, much like the gears and chain on a bicycle. So, if you are already off track for 2018 goals... or if you realize you need more plan and less "figure it out as you go", then you will not want to miss this MeetUp. Even one idea from this meeting (or the 4-part deep dive course Sean will be giving away for free to those who attend live) could radically improve your perspective on your business, improve what's possible in your business, and improve how well your business performs from this point forward. But if you're not there then you can't benefit. Listen, if all you got from showing up Thursday night is one key insight that allowed you to bring on one extra client, wouldn't that be worth it? Thing is, you'll get so much more than that if you just commit to showing up. Join us on February 22nd as Sean presents: "Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan If You Want a Million Dollar Business." We will discuss in-depth the importance of this 3-step approach, how breaking down your goals will move you along faster, and why taking ACTION is key to implementing any kind of a plan, for any business. Register here: This presentation will be chock-full of actionable tips and info you can implement into your business right away. Sean will also be sharing: • How to build systems in your business that work to make money for you ( even when you don't ) • How to hire a support team (without paying full-time employees) • Tools you can use to increase productivity • And why you need to re-evaluate your processes and procedures on a regular basis. If you’re ready to leverage your business up a level or two, don’t miss this event! Register here: Get ready to take lots of notes and take ACTION! This one presentation could be just the catalyst you need to finally get that million dollar business off the ground. Jonathan P.S. - Even if a "million dollar business" seems out of reach, that's ok, Sean's presentation will help you hit any business number faster and easier. P.S.S. - Don't forget, we'll be going out to Smoky Mtn Brewery afterward.

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