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The Persuasion WORD Matrix - How To Systematically Persuade Anyone

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Copywriter Sean McCool ( Presents the Persuasion WORD Matrix - This One-of-a-Kind Tool Allows You to Systematically Persuade Anyone Through Any Format at Any Time.

Sean is revealing, for the first time ever in public, his proprietary, go-to resource for creating sales letters, landing pages, emails, ads, webinars, and even conversations. A resource that empowers others to take the action or hold the belief he and his clients want them to take or to believe.

The last time Sean presented this material was December 2013 behind closed doors of a $50,000 per year Mastermind event (Wake Up Warrior) in LaGuna Beach, CA.

Many in that room went on from that event to substantially increase the effectiveness of the marketing of their 6 and 7 figure businesses.

You won’t get everything he shared there, but you will get at least the top 20% that makes 80% of the difference.

In this presentation you’ll discover:

• The “disorder” every great persuader shares and why you need to cultivate and embrace this for yourself…

• The four questions you must answer every time you want to persuade anyone in person, in print, through audio, or online…

• Why you can finally throw away your swipe files and templates, stop copying, and start creating thanks to Sean’s Persuasion WORD Matrix.

• How to craft masterpieces of persuasion even if you’re not a natural born sales person or world class copywriter…

• Watch as a marketing piece (maybe yours) is transformed live using the Persuasion WORD Matrix…

• And much, much, more…

In short, you’ll hear the little-known secrets of persuasion used by elite copywriters, speakers, consultants, storytellers, sales pros, Madison Ave “Mad Men”, CEOs, World Leaders, and more to convert the masses to paying customers, clients, tribe members, loyal followers, and zealots.

You will not find this tool or this information in any book on marketing, sales, or copywriting. It is the result of careful study, serendipitous connections, and real-world results.

While the principles are age-old, the way the Persuasion WORD Matrix maximizes your ability to apply the principles is brand new and revolutionary.

Once you hear and see Sean’s presentation you’ll see the Persuasion WORD Matrix in use all around you even though it’s never been written down and codified before — until now.

Sean stands behind this presentation and its ability to completely transform your world and your ability to persuade on demand in business and relationships.

We will be recording and Sean will be selling this presentation as a paid product - but you get access to his full 60-minute presentation plus Q&A for your regular MeetUp dues.

NOTE: If you’d like to see one of your marketing pieces transformed LIVE send a screenshot, doc, or pdf to Sean at [masked] ( There are no guarantees yours will be chosen but you won’t know until you try.

By sending your piece to be reviewed, you agree Sean can use your piece for his presentation and any future versions of the presentation.

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** The room only holds about 30 people and more than 600 people are seeing this invitation.

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