• How to Attract Higher Paying Clients and Build an Audience W/O Being "Salesy"

    How Coaches, Consultants & Service Professionals Can Attract Higher Paying Clients. Has this ever happened to you? You’re having a good conversation with a prospective client. You’re asking good questions, adding a lot of value and the person is taking notes like crazy! You feel awesome... Then, you shift to the “money part” to discuss your rates, and what it will take for you guys to continue working together on a more consistent basis, and they say… “You’re great…but I can’t afford you!” And it hits you like a ton of bricks. And then you either cut your rates (“oh ok, well what can you afford”) or they walk away..... or you may be thinking, “How can I attract more people who can actually afford my rates?!” So if you’re a coach, consultant or service professional who's experienced that before, then you'll want to attend this meetup. Best-Selling Author Brian Hilliard will be presenting on “How to Build an Audience & Get Higher Paying Clients…w/o being pushy”. Brian is co-author of the popular bestselling book "Networking Like a Pro". As a Duke University graduate and coach since 2001, Brian has spent the last 15+ yrs showing coaches & consultants how to build an audience and get higher paying clients…without being pushy, “salesy” or otherwise over the top. During this session Brian shows participants: • 5 Quick Tips for attracting more “high end” clients who can actually afford your rates…so you can have a “pipeline” of prospects who have the means and desire to hire you. • 3 Great ideas for building an audience by leveraging social media for your business…so you can attract a steady stream of higher-paying clients through an easy to implement, online marketing and social media strategy. • 1 Amazingly simple formula for attracting higher paying clients without being pushy, “salesy” or otherwise over the top…so you never have to worry about getting new business again. So if you’re a Coach, Consultant or service professional, who is ready to talk to more people who can actually afford your rates, then check out this upcoming Meetup as Brian teaches us “How to Build an Audience & Get Higher Paying Coaching Coaching…without being pushy”. Hope you can attend. This event will be recorded and the video will be provided to all who RSVP "Yes".

  • 9 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand & GROW Your Client Base with Podcast Content

    Double your sales by marketing your products or services – virtually for free – through audio and video podcasts. In this meetup, you'll learn 9 specific strategies for growing your business through audio and video podcasting. As someone who's been podcasting since 2009, I've learned that this form of media offers rich opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially if you do it strategically. The problem is most people don't plan their podcast in a way that generates revenue. In order to be successful at podcasting, you have to treat it as a marketing tool - aimed at targeted customers. This meetup will lay out the precise formula for creating a podcast and using that platform to grow your business in any industry. In this meetup you will learn: • How to plan your podcast strategy blueprint for maximum profitability • How to grow your business with a targeted interview strategy. • How to secure generous 5 figure $ sponsorships from companies who want to advertise with you. • How to use podcasting for networking and building key referrals. • How to establish an emotional connection with your audience. • How to engage your listeners so that they hire you as the "go-to expert" • Be a great host & find the best guests for your show. • How to create an inexpensive podcasting studio and what equipment to use. • Record and edit interviews like a pro, & the best places to outsource this work. • How to achieve top rankings fast and win raving fans. • How to leverage your podcast into a book, and high end consulting opportunities. • And much, much more! Hope you can join us! We will be recording this meetup on video for all who RSVP yes! Jonathan

  • Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan If You Want a Million Dollar Business

    Do you have what it takes to develop a million-dollar business? Business coach and Copywriter Sean McCool (http://www.seanmccool.com/) will be presenting on "Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan If You Want a Million Dollar Business." But here's what's really great about the plan Sean will be sharing with you. It will also work for creating a six-figure business... or even a thriving five-figure side business. Imagine it... What could you do with a business that yields an extra five or even six figures over the next 12 months? Sean has worked behind the scenes of multiple multi-million dollar businesses and has discovered some key traits they all share. He'll be revealing those to you so that you can apply what he's learned to your own business--no matter what its current size is right now or the size you want it to be. The secret to having a million dollar business comes down to 3 steps: Focus, planning, and action. Without one of these steps, the others are useless and you won’t reach your big goals. You may move your business along slowly but to reach the big time, you need ALL 3 of these steps to work in sync, much like the gears and chain on a bicycle. So, if you are already off track for 2018 goals... or if you realize you need more plan and less "figure it out as you go", then you will not want to miss this MeetUp. Even one idea from this meeting (or the 4-part deep dive course Sean will be giving away for free to those who attend live) could radically improve your perspective on your business, improve what's possible in your business, and improve how well your business performs from this point forward. But if you're not there then you can't benefit. Listen, if all you got from showing up Thursday night is one key insight that allowed you to bring on one extra client, wouldn't that be worth it? Thing is, you'll get so much more than that if you just commit to showing up. Join us on February 22nd as Sean presents: "Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan If You Want a Million Dollar Business." We will discuss in-depth the importance of this 3-step approach, how breaking down your goals will move you along faster, and why taking ACTION is key to implementing any kind of a plan, for any business. Register here: https://www.meetup.com/knoxvillebusinessmarketing/events/247454725/ This presentation will be chock-full of actionable tips and info you can implement into your business right away. Sean will also be sharing: • How to build systems in your business that work to make money for you ( even when you don't ) • How to hire a support team (without paying full-time employees) • Tools you can use to increase productivity • And why you need to re-evaluate your processes and procedures on a regular basis. If you’re ready to leverage your business up a level or two, don’t miss this event! Register here: https://www.meetup.com/knoxvillebusinessmarketing/events/247454725/ Get ready to take lots of notes and take ACTION! This one presentation could be just the catalyst you need to finally get that million dollar business off the ground. Jonathan P.S. - Even if a "million dollar business" seems out of reach, that's ok, Sean's presentation will help you hit any business number faster and easier. P.S.S. - Don't forget, we'll be going out to Smoky Mtn Brewery afterward.

  • Marketing Sales Funnels: How To Grow Your Business With Marketing Automation

    Sales funnels are on the rise today. E-commerce stores, coaches & consultants, digital products businesses, and even brick & mortar stores are implementing them. But, what are they? And, more importantly, how can you effectively implement them into your business? Our guest presenters Sean McCool & Ben Blackmon will be presenting on this topic. During this marketing meetup, you will learn: • The basic components of successful sales funnel • How to Create Killer Landing Pages that get people to take action. • The best web platforms for creating killer landing pages • How to grow your email list with free giveaways that cost you nothing During this meetup, you will learn the best practices for continually creating winning marketing campaigns; that increase your product sales. Ben and Sean will be doing hot seats and Q&A so bring your questions and be thinking about what product or service you'd like to be selling using the power of sales funnels and the internet. Hope you can join us! P.S - This meetup will be recorded on video and available for all who RSVP yes.

  • Kill the Elevator Speech NOW : The Art of Connecting with People & Building

    Business people everywhere are taught you need an “elevator speech” just as much as you need a business card, a website, and air to breathe in order to be successful. But imagine you're at a networking event. NO ONE likes to give those canned elevator speeches, and NO ONE likes to hear them because they’re usually full of blah, blah, blah meaningless marketing drivel, and feel so contrived - yuck! The fact is research shows even the most well-crafted and best-delivered elevator speeches don’t work to bring in new business. And they completely fall flat on establishing a new business relationship. Join us for this upcoming event as our guest speaker, Felicia Slattery M.A., M.Ad.Ed. shares how the to introduce your business to others without sounding canned or unnatural. Felicia is the best-selling author of “Kill the Elevator Speech,” “21 Ways to Make Money Speaking,” and the upcoming “REAL Relationship Challenge,” She is on a mission to motivate, inspire and train experts, smart business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and celebrities to help them connect with people on a human level, build relationships from the stage, online and beyond to live their best lives serving others with the gifts God has given them. She is also the creator of the Signature Speech™ system and co-creator of Signature Speech & Webinar Wizard as well as an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning speaker. She has been featured in Success Magazine, CEO Magazine, Inc. magazine, and more, as well as NBC, CBS, FOX, BBC, CNN, and others for her expertise. Join us for this fun, interactive and engaging presentation, where you will discover: • The 3 main reasons why the “elevator speech” doesn’t work anymore for business (if it ever did!). • If not an “elevator speech” then what? How to craft a winning introduction. • The only 5 words you need, to short-cut the relationship-building, and get to the know-like-and-trust part right away – without sounding canned or unnatural. You'll leave with immediately actionable content that will help you feel more confident when you meet anyone (and is easy to do - even for introverts!). Hope you can join us!

  • How to Promote Your Business Through YouTube Advertising

    Comfort Suites


    How to Get Targeted Traffic That Converts For Pennies Per Click With YouTube with Ben Blackmon. For this upcoming meetup, Ben Backmon of One Focus Marketing (http://onefocusmarketing.com/) will be discussing how to effectively advertise on YouTube. Ben specializes in creating powerful marketing funnels and advertising campaigns for his clients using Facebook, YouTube and Google. Free traffic isn't really free. Most free traffic methods are based on SEO or ranking in the search engines, if a search algorithm is changed, even just slightly, you can see your rankings and traffic can disappear overnight… It’s happened time and time again with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. So what’s the solution? Paid traffic. Paid Traffic Is Faster, Converts Better, And Allows You To Scale Up For Maximum Profits... Which paid traffic source should you focus on for the most targeted traffic and the best return on your investment? Right now, one of the best paid traffic programs is YouTube advertising… YouTube is the 2nd BIGGEST search engine on the Internet which means the targeting options are still vast. During this meetup, we'll be discussing: • Creating an effective video ad for your campaign • YouTube's requirements for video ad campaigns • How to define your target audience on YouTube • Viewing and analyzing the effectiveness of your ads - click results and conversions. This meetup will be recorded on video for members who RSVP yes. Hope to see you there! Jonathan

  • The Persuasion WORD Matrix - How To Systematically Persuade Anyone

    Copywriter Sean McCool (http://www.seanmccool.com/) Presents the Persuasion WORD Matrix - This One-of-a-Kind Tool Allows You to Systematically Persuade Anyone Through Any Format at Any Time. Sean is revealing, for the first time ever in public, his proprietary, go-to resource for creating sales letters, landing pages, emails, ads, webinars, and even conversations. A resource that empowers others to take the action or hold the belief he and his clients want them to take or to believe. The last time Sean presented this material was December 2013 behind closed doors of a $50,000 per year Mastermind event (Wake Up Warrior) in LaGuna Beach, CA. Many in that room went on from that event to substantially increase the effectiveness of the marketing of their 6 and 7 figure businesses. You won’t get everything he shared there, but you will get at least the top 20% that makes 80% of the difference. In this presentation you’ll discover: • The “disorder” every great persuader shares and why you need to cultivate and embrace this for yourself… • The four questions you must answer every time you want to persuade anyone in person, in print, through audio, or online… • Why you can finally throw away your swipe files and templates, stop copying, and start creating thanks to Sean’s Persuasion WORD Matrix. • How to craft masterpieces of persuasion even if you’re not a natural born sales person or world class copywriter… • Watch as a marketing piece (maybe yours) is transformed live using the Persuasion WORD Matrix… • And much, much, more… In short, you’ll hear the little-known secrets of persuasion used by elite copywriters, speakers, consultants, storytellers, sales pros, Madison Ave “Mad Men”, CEOs, World Leaders, and more to convert the masses to paying customers, clients, tribe members, loyal followers, and zealots. You will not find this tool or this information in any book on marketing, sales, or copywriting. It is the result of careful study, serendipitous connections, and real-world results. While the principles are age-old, the way the Persuasion WORD Matrix maximizes your ability to apply the principles is brand new and revolutionary. Once you hear and see Sean’s presentation you’ll see the Persuasion WORD Matrix in use all around you even though it’s never been written down and codified before — until now. Sean stands behind this presentation and its ability to completely transform your world and your ability to persuade on demand in business and relationships. We will be recording and Sean will be selling this presentation as a paid product - but you get access to his full 60-minute presentation plus Q&A for your regular MeetUp dues. NOTE: If you’d like to see one of your marketing pieces transformed LIVE send a screenshot, doc, or pdf to Sean at [masked] (http://webmail.buzzmountain.com/cpsess6403114483/3rdparty/squirrelmail/src/compose.php?send_to=GetResults%40SeanMcCool.com) There are no guarantees yours will be chosen but you won’t know until you try. By sending your piece to be reviewed, you agree Sean can use your piece for his presentation and any future versions of the presentation. Do not miss this event! ** The room only holds about 30 people and more than 600 people are seeing this invitation. Please be on time and be ready to take notes. Seating is first come-first served. Use the RSVP button on this page to lock in your spot now.

  • Facebook Conversion Strategies for Getting More Qualified Customers

    Seldom Used Strategies for Increasing Your Facebook Ad Conversions Ben Blackmon (http://onefocusmarketing.com/) of One Focus Marketing (http://onefocusmarketing.com/) specializes in Facebook advertising for his clients and in this meetup presentation, he'll be giving some step by step strategies for getting better conversions on Facebook. Ben has spoken in past meetup groups on how to setup Facebook ads, but this time he'll focus on how to get better conversions with those ads. A lot of people are wasting tons of money on Facebook .... not because Facebook ads don't work.... BUT because they don't have a proper conversion strategy in place for their Facebook ad campaigns. Ben will be sharing strategies that will bring in more buying customers with those Facebook ads. You'll learn: • How to get crystal clear on your “ideal” target market. • How to create an attractive image, headline and copy for your offer. • Timing is Everything - Determining the right time to run your ads for your target audience. • The best "call to action" offers to promote for your target audience. • How to retarget content to Facebook custom audiences • Examples of successful ad campaigns that you can duplicate. • What the most costly mistakes are…and how to avoid them. • And much, much more! Hope you can join us!

  • How to Grow Your Business, Create a Following & Build Your Brand with Podcasting

    "How to Leverage the Power of Audio & Video Podcasting to Grow your Personal Brand, Build a Following, and Expand Your Business in Ways you Never Thought Possible" I've been podcasting for the last 7 years and can attest to the fact that podcasting is an incredibly powerful tool for growing your business. We'll be walking you step by step on creating and broadcasting a dynamic, engaging, and high-quality podcast. Podcasting is an incredible way to build awareness of your business and grow your tribe... but by far the most important reason you should be podcasting in your industry is that it helps you build key relationships with influencers and new clients who can help you expand your business. If you are a consultant, coach, fitness professional, realtor, dentist, gourmet chef, teacher, insurance agent, lawyer, etc...... In other words, no matter what profession or business you are in, podcasting can help you build exposure and separate yourself as the "go-to" expert! I'll be setting up a "mini podcast studio" with all of the basics you need for getting started podcasting right away. Whether you plan to share your expertise with listeners, interview the most fascinating people in your field, or just tell great stories to an audience that will truly appreciate them, you will learn: • Why podcasting is such a powerful platform for getting customers and clients for your business. (No matter what business your in!) • Why many podcasts fail and how to avoid the mistakes other people make. • How to get paid sponsors for your podcast show • How to build your own tribe through podcasting • How to create top tier business connections (CEOs & other decision makers) through podcasting (This works better than LinkedIn or any other networking tool) • How to create great content for your show so that people subscribe and tune in each week. • How to generate monthly residual income from your podcast. • How to market your products or services with your podcast • How to promote your show on social media once you've launched it. • How long you should make your podcast • How frequent you should record your podcast show • How to choose the right video and audio equipment for your podcast. • How to start your podcast show on a small budget. • and so much more! As always, we will be recording this meetup on video, so anyone who RSVPs will also get access to the video and audio content. I do encourage you to attend the live meetup though. You'll get so much more out of it. Hope you can join us! Jonathan Taylor (865)[masked]

  • How to Monetize and Grow Your Reputation as An Industry Expert

    Here's a question - How do you better monetize your expertise, so that people see the value of your products and services and more consistently pay you for your knowledge? In this upcoming meetup, our guest speaker and bestselling author Brian Hilliard will be sharing some powerful strategies for growing your reputation as the "go-to expert"...so you can have a pipeline of prospects willing to compensate you for your knowledge. Brian is the bestselling author of "Networking Like a Pro". In this meetup, he'll be be discussing: • 5 Marketing Tips to best grow your reputation as an Expert...so you can have a pipeline of prospects willing to compensate you for your expertise. • 4 Great ideas for leveraging your website, LinkedIn & other online activity into a revenue generating machine…so you can quickly grow & monetize your expertise through an easy to use online marketing strategy. • 3 Surefire ways to better monetize your reputation within the community...so local businesses see you as the Expert and someone they want to hire. • 2 Quick thoughts to creating (and selling), knowledge based products…so you can start making money from the stuff you already know. • 1 Amazingly simple formula for growing & monetizing your reputation as an Expert…so you never have to worry about getting new business again. • And much, much more! This meetup will be recorded on video and available to all who RSVP "yes". Hope you can join us!