• EOS London November Monthly Meetup Supported by CoinDesk Meetups
    It's an EOS London Monthly Meetup, and it's in November! This month we are being supported by CoinDesk Meetups! Come along to catch up, network and see the lovely space at Campfire Shoreditch! // COINDESK MEETUPS // CoinDesk Meetups are free to attend. Sometimes we put an event together, but mostly we want to support events organised by others in the community. If you have a regular crypto or blockchain meetup in London and you're looking for a venue to host it, let us know. We could host it as a CoinDesk Meetup. |-|-|-||-|-|-| There will be NO Beer and pizza!!! D: |-|-|-||-|-|-| //SCHEDULE 6.00pm - 6.30pm - Arrivals + Networking 6:30pm(ish) - 6:45pm - Introduction and word from Joon Ian Wong (CoinDesk) 6.45pm - 7.00pm - EOS London general update: Global Hackathon, Halloween party, podcasting and a ~*Very SPECIAL Announcement*~ -Angus Maidment 7.00pm - 7.45pm - Thomas Bertani, CEO and Founder of Oraclize -> Oraclize: the leading blockchain oracle integrates with EOS Oraclize provides the world's most widely adopted blockchain oracle service. Already available on Ethereum and other blockchain platforms, the Oraclize service arrives now on the EOS network to enable connectivity between EOS smart contracts and the real world. A reliable data-transport-layer enabling EOS decentralized applications to have an impact on the real world, horizontally among multiple industries, including Financial Services, Gaming & Gambling and the Insurance sector. 7.45pm - 8.00pm - Networking All times approximate and subject to change

    79-81 Paul St

    79-81 Paul St Old Street Station - Campfire Coworking Space · 런던

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    We are proud to be co-organising a halloween party for everyone in the blockchain community in London! IMPORTANT POINTS: 1. This is social event, not a regular meetup. There might be some short talks but the focus will be on socialising and celebrating! 2. This event is being co-organised with other meetup groups and communities - be ready to make some new friends! 3. YOU MUST GET A TICKET HERE FOR ENTRY: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mega-cryptoween-party-celebrate-the-10th-anniversary-of-the-bitcoin-whitepaper-tickets-50507672809?discount=BeardsRus ************************************************************* CryptoWeen Party! 10th Anniversary of the Bitcoin Whitepaper! What: Cryptoween is a social event supported by a coalition of Community groups across London focused on Investment or Blockchain Technology. Meet the Communities behind London's vibrant Blockchain Space, hosted by Blockchain Beginners, EOS LONDON, Crypto Arnie and Crypto Compare. This is an opportunity to rub shoulders with industry executives, cryptotraders, venture capital funds, investors and influencers. Join us and the most creepiest and scariest people in Crypto... if you dare! Agenda: 18:30 - 19:30 - Networking and Drinks 19:30 - 19:45 - Speech about the Bitcoin Whitepaper - 10 years on. 19:45 - 19:50 - Short Introduction of Sponsors 19:50 - 23:00 - PARTY Date:[masked] Location: The Hoxton Seven, 66-68 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JT Drinks and DJ will be provided on the Night. Dress Code: Halloween with CryptoTwist Sponsored By: Heliocor.io - A Leading KYC/AML Provider for Tier 1 financial institutions globally. Heliocor are launching a Hybrid STO/Utility Token from October- https://www.heliocor.io/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A bit about our hosts: CryptoArnie. Blockchain Beginners is the combination of brains (and beards!) of Angus Maidment and Alastair Band. We started with a simple vision: Take crypto and Blockchain technology to the masses. While those who are already on the scene are talking about zk-SNARKS and replay protection, those with no prior knowledge can often be left high and dry. We provide easily accessible introductions to blockchain concepts and technologies to a range of audiences at fun, engaging events. CryptoCompare is a global cryptocurrency data provider, providing high-quality and reliable market data, pricing data and research to anyone interested in the crypto and blockchain space. CryptoCompare’s highly active community draws from more than 900,000 users who discuss and share knowledge via forums and reviews, interact with each other to discuss market trends, peer review wallets, exchanges and mining solutions. CryptoCompare is also part of a number of strategic partnerships to bring real-time, accurate market data to trading professionals and investors. Our data partners include: Thomson Reuters, Yahoo Finance and VanEck. Contact Organiser: [masked]

    Hoxton 7

    66-68 Great Eastern Street, EC2A 3JT · 런던

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    NB THIS EVENT IS BEING RUN BY SVK CRYPTO - ANY ENQUIRIES SHOULD GO DIRECTLY TO THEM. YOU NEED TO GET A TICKET ON EVENTBRITE IN ORDER TO ATTEND: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/svk-crypto-blockchain-an-open-panel-industry-insight-discussion-tickets-51008081545 *** Event location - The De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms*** Come and join SVK Crypto LDN in association with EOS 42, in our largest event to date in an open panel discussion with industry blockchain leaders. Our carefully selected panel will bring their level of insight to how blockchain and the applications within will revolutionize every industry as we know and how the status quo is being changed. (((THE FUTURE WILL BE DECENTRALISED))) The Panel Includes: Stephen Kelso / Head of Galaxy Digital Europe Alexandre Perrin / Venture and Private Equity at Virgin Ventures David Packham / Co-Founder of EOS42 Piers Ridyard / CEO of Radix MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON! Moderated by: - Shane Kehoe / Co-Founder of SVK Crypto This is an informal Meetup/Networking type event, for those looking to further their knowledge and meet like-minded SVK Crypto Crowd enthusiasts... All about the community! Let’s do this! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SVK_Crypto Podcast: http://podcast.svkcrypto.com/ Website: https://www.svkcrypto.com Telegram: https://t.me/SVKCrowd The event is sponsored by EOS 42 which is a founding and top 21 Block Producer for the EOSIO mainnet blockchain, which launched in June 2018.

    Grand Connaught Rooms

    61 - 65 Great Queen Street · WC2B 5DA

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  • EOS London - Post-Summer Networking Reignition!
    This event with drinks and food is sponsored by EOS42 - a London based Block Producer. September is going to be a busy month for the global EOS community, but especially for London! We will be hosting the next leg of the EOSIO hackathon 22/23 September followed by Blockchain Live on 26 September where block.one is the strategic partner and we can expect some EOS announcements. So ahead of that let's reignite with a good, old fashioned networking and drinks night after the summer. Join David P and Angus, and enjoy some complimentary drinks and food, as well as connect with the many projects and people working to build the new economy.

    The Rose Pub

    35 Albert Embankment, · 런던

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  • Destination: Devonshire - Festival of Meetups - #destinationdevonshire
    EOS London has been chosen to be a pioneer in the first edition of #destinationdevonshire, a festival of London Meetups dedicated to celebrating the best meetups this city has to offer! This is a fantastic recognition of the hard work that has gone into the organisation of our events the past year, and of the spirit and enthusiasm of you, our members, which makes it all worth it! ***NB ALASTAIR AND ANGUS WILL BE DEBUTING A ~WORLDS FIRST~ AT THIS EVENT - A PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION-BASED EXPLANATION OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY - WE HAVE NO IDEA WHETHER IT WILL WORK BUT IT IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!*** This is a celebration! You’ll be able to experience as many Meetups as you want, to find out what you love to do the most: explore, create, move, express, learn. Dress comfortably to pick up your feet and salsa, try your hand at badminton, challenge yourself to a parkour stunt, learn what happens when tech and media collide, develop nurturing self-care and inner happiness practices - there are also many more Meetups to discover at #destinationdevonshire. Join Blockchain Beginners and EOS London for a mini-Meetup to celebrate getting together as well! A schedule will be available at the event to see when our Meetup will begin (and you can also participate in other Meetups, too!). Dress is casual. You won't want to miss it. Think a happy belly, a refreshing summer drink in hand, live music playing, and creative energy running to start your Friday night. Free entry. Bring friends, family, parrots What to expect: Pop-up restaurants and drinks to purchase DJ and live music New friends and experiences

    WeWork Devonshire Square

    3rd Floor EC2M 4YF 9 Devonshire Square · 런던

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    Our good friends at SVK Crypto are hosting this event and we are all invited! ***NB EOS London is not running this event. Any inquiries should be directed to SVK Crypto*** *** Event location - WeWork Bishopsgate*** Come and join SVK Crypto LDN in our exciting event centred around EOS! Our guest speakers will review recent developments and potenital challenges for mass adoption on the EOS Blockchain. Guest Speakers: Charles Storry / Head of Strategic Partnerships at SVK Crypto Hugh Cochrane / Co-Founder of SVK Crypto Angus Maidment / Co-Founder of EOS London Oliver Mehr / Blockchain Analyst at SVK Crypto Agenda: 18:00-18:25 - Arrival and Refreshments 18:30-19:30 - Presentation and Q&A 19:30-20:30 - Networking This is an informal Meetup/Networking type event, for those looking to further their knowledge and meet like-minded SVK Crypto Crowd enthusiasts... All about the community! Let’s do this! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SVK_Crypto Podcast: http://podcast.svkcrypto.com/ Website: https://www.svkcrypto.com Telegram: https://t.me/SVKCrowd

    WeWork 15 Bishopsgate

    15 Bishopsgate · 런던

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    So we have an independent EOS blockchain - what now? Join us to hear about and discuss the next steps. |-|-|-||-|-|-| Beer and pizza *generously* provided by EOS42!!! |-|-|-||-|-|-| *Please* get yourself a ticket on eventbrite, they're free! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eos-independence-day-special-tickets-47438819787 //SCHEDULE 7.00pm - 7.30pm - Keynote: Moti Tabulo, Head of EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) 7:30pm - 7:35pm - Domenic Thomas, CEO of Worbli - airdrop update 7.35pm - 7.55pm - Kestutis Januskevicius, Codum 7.55pm - 8.15pm - Sam Noble, EOS Dublin - Parachute 8.15pm - 9.00pm - Networking Free sponsor swag, drinks and food //SPEAKER BIOS Moti Tabulo - Currently Co-founder at robik.ai • block.one • Co-Founded @4M Wireless (exit) • Worked at @Nortel Networks, @Nokia Research Center • PhD EE Kestutis Januskevicius - Codum Codum is going to be an eosio infrastructure and git based community driven market of code for different programming languages in one place. It will be a market where the code owners will be able to license their code (snippets of code, software etc.) under smart contracts. Codum will be a pool of discoverable code similar to Github, where users/visitors will be able to find a solution to execute an operation or to complete a task. Instead of spending hours on writing code by themselves, users/visitors will have the ability to find and buy it in Codum - either license out the code already written by other people, or hire someone to code it.

    We Work - Ground Floor Room GB

    1 Fore St, London EC2Y 9DT, UK · 런던

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  • EOS London X Blockchain Beginners: What IS EOS?!
    이 이벤트는 취소되었습니다.
  • EOS London Mainnet Launch Event
    EOS Mainnet Launch Event Please get an Eventbrite ticket to attend (they're free!): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eos-mainnet-launch-event-tickets-46224616071 It's been a wild ride for EOS the last few months, and now the moment of truth is finally upon us - on June 2nd, the EOS mainnet will launch! EOS London invites you to a special meetup/celebration on the eve of this momentous occasion. Angus will also be breaking one of his own personal golden rules and will be taking part in a LIVE DEMO on the night. There WILL be: -> A special guest appearing from Block.one! -> a limited quantity of alcohol provided. -> NEW EOS MERCH!!! Agenda: 6.30pm - Arrival + Networking 7.00pm - Welcome + Introduction from EOS London (https://www.meetup.com/EOSLONDON/) 7.15pm - ~*Special Guest*~ from Block.one (https://block.one/) 7.30pm - Tayo Dada - CEO, Uncloak (https://uncloak.io/) 8.00pm - Space Invaders live demo and presentation - Rohan Abraham, EOS Authority 8.30pm - Presentation 2 - TBC 9.00pm - Drinks, Networking, Celebrating

    Chartered Accountant's Hall

    1 Morgate Place · 런던

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  • Countdown to Launch with EOS London! Dawn of the EOS Blockchain
    IMPORTANT: to attend this event you MUST also sign up here for an Eventbrite ticket for entry to the venue, please ensure you do so! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/countdown-to-launch-with-eos-london-dawn-of-the-eos-blockchain-tickets-45437701388 For this EOS London meetup we have a huge, 350 capacity venue that will include sponsored drinks, food and swag aplenty. You can expect: Speakers: ** SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER ON THE NIGHT** - Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex - Domenic Thomas, CEO of WORBLI (EOS based Decentralized Bank) - Dallas Johnston, CEO of Credify (EOS based reputation protocol) - Larry Ma, CEO of EOS Cannon (EOS in China and community) Introduction to Block Producer Candidates: EOS42, eosDAC, EOS Dublin, eos sw/eden, BitSpace, with video intros from EOS Gravity, EOSYS and OracleChain Chintai - Token Leasing Delegation Marketplace News - Dawn 3.0, Developer Toolkit, Blockchain Launch Preparations, EOS.IO Hackathon Networking - meet the community!

    2cc, We Work Moorgate

    1 Fore Street Moorgate EC2Y 9DT · London

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