2-3:30 PM [Hongdae] Let's have lunch together! 같이 점심 드실래요?

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2019년 12월 28일 (토)까지 매주 토요일

Hongik Univ. K building 1st floor 104

마포구 와우산로94 홍익대학교 · 서울

도착 후 그룹 찾는 법

Come up to 3rd floor and contact via kakaotalk or line y6000467 (please let us know your appearance)

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◆ Meetup app seems to not send notification
⠀⠀So please contact through Kakaotalk/Line [y[masked]] or Email
◆ Please be aware that the map shown on the app is not 100% accurate. ⠀⠀Please check the location detail below for accurate lotation.

✿ K.I.C.E (Korea International Cultural Exchange) CLUB ✿
※ For more information, please refer to the link.
⠀If the page does’nt show up, please try the other link.
- Korean : https://cafe.naver.com/aiofficial
- Japanese : https://comm.konest.com/yari/431838
- English : https://www.meetup.com/en-US/KICECLUB
- Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ai_korea_tour

● Date : Every Saturday 2:00 ~ 3:30 PM
● Place : HOLLYS COFFEE Hongdae
⠀[[masked]] [masked], Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)
● Admission : 15,000 KRW (Cash only) (Including food, Drinks are not included.)
● Capacity : 10~20 people. We have website for Koreans/Japanese/Chinese respectively, so the actual net number of participants is larger than the number that shows up from meetup page.
⠀Korean to non Korean ratio is 50/50.

Enjoying Korean food!

먹방, Recently popular in South Korea.
It means that it is delicious 맛 and the shop 집!
In Korea there is a culture to go to 맛집 투어 (gourmet tour) together.
Those who thought that rice alone in Korea was difficult
Let's be friends while eating together ♥

The menu is delicious Korean dishes such as yakiniku, pork meat, steamed chicken, tutritan, fried rice, kimchi hot pot and so on.

At a famous gourmet shop, cook for 25,000 won per person
Discount at the reservation and eat at 15,000 won per person!

❤ Please contact to the contact below if you have any inquiries or would like to participate.
● Kakaotalk · LINE : y[masked]
● Email : y[masked]@naver.com (The reply to e-mail could take 1~3 days.)

❤ Please send the application form to the contact above to participate.
⠀Please fill out the detail first and send it to us then we will send further detail about participation.

【 Application form 】
● Participation date and time :[masked] / AM·PM 00:00
● Event name to be applied: Please select one among [Korean class/Language exchange/Meal meeting/Picnic/Special event]
● Name :
● Gender : Male/Female
● Western age :
● Nationality :
● Language level : Korean · Engish · Spenish · Japnaese · Chinese, etc. (Please list all available language levels. You can make various friends.)
● Personnel accompanying :
● Phone Number / Kakaotalk / Line ID :