Let's speak English and Korean.

이미 지난 이벤트입니다

총 5명이 참석했습니다

2019년 8월 23일 (금)까지 매주 토요일

위치: 회원에게만 공개

세부 사항

We are a small group of language learners who have been meeting for over a year now. We would like to invite anyone interested in practicing Korean, English or any other language.

We meet every Saturday and study for a couple of hours and then have lunch together. In the past we have also met for other activities like hiking, studying in the park and baseball games.

The first hour is for having a conversation in English. The second is for studying Korean or other languages. For the second part you might want to bring some materials you have been studying, or spend the time free talking or asking questions.

After meetup, we eat lunch nearby around 1:00pm and hope you can join us for both.

• fee

There is a small fee(1,000 won/week) to participate to this Meetup. This is not only for running this Meetup page but also for printing materials and organizing outdoor activities.

• "please do" and "please don't"

1. Do’s
1) Be a good listener and let other speak
2) share the chance to speak with the group you're in
3) respect diversity including gender, politics, religion and nationality

2. Don’ts
1) come to the Meetup if your main goal is dating
2) Be discriminatory or aggressive . (those who act or speak this way will be banned immediately)
3) Judge other members

☞ Please let the organizers know if there is someone who makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason

If you have more question, please leave your message here. Thanks!