Evening Hike in Downtown Seoul - Ansan & Baekryunsan!

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Hello CIK members!

On August 24th, we will go on a fun and easy hike on the small mountains (Ansan & Baekryunsan) in Seoul. If you have never been to these mountains, you can take in panoramic views of Seoul amidst nature's beauty. Enjoy trekking through a metasequoia road and pine nut tree forest to the peak where Bongsudae (a beacon fire station) is located. This point offers an amazing view of Seoul. We will hike both mountains and come down at Dongnimmun station line 3.

This will be a very easy hike that should take around 4 hours. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to spend a fantastic day with friends both new and old!


Meeting Place: Nokbeon stn on line 3(stop # 323), exit #3

Date and Time: August 24th, Saturday at 3:00pm

Difficulty: easy

Altitude: Ansan-296m / Baekryunsan-215m

Distance: about 9 km / Estimated trip time- 4 hours

What to bring : appropriate footwear for hiking, clothing appropriate for the weather, snacks, plenty of water and etc.

- Money for dinner (we will eat at a restaurant at the end of the hike and everyone is welcome!)

A few Notes:

1. Be extra careful while hiking. As you know, CIK is always a big group so we will need to help each other and stick together. This means slowing down for some and speeding up for some. If we help each other, it will be an awesome day.

2. Since CIK will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur on any hiking trip, we highly recommend that you have your own personal form of medical insurance prior to attending all outings.

3. Hiking schedule and time might change according to weather, traffic, and etc. Please be flexible; we are all here to have a good time.

LIABILITY : While CIK is very considerate of the needs of its members, we cannot be held responsible for a hiker's possessions, health, and/or safety.

Hope to see you there.