Seoul Global Expat group's Chatroom using kakao group talk on Sept. 22

위치: 회원에게만 공개

세부 사항

Hi, everyone!

Seoul Global Expat group's Chatroom using kakao group talk.

I invite Expatd to join Seoul Global Expat group's Chatroom .

First of all, you have to download Kakaotalk App from Play Store.

There are 8,000+ members in Seoul Global Expat group.

However, many members are not active.

I strongly recommend the members to join this chatroom if you want to talk with other members everyday.

This is a group specifically for expats who need the information about travelling in Korea.

It's a place for expats to meet, relax, chat, go out and do things together and have an all-round good time!

The information and discussions including travels, festivals,hikings, parties and dinner will be posted and dicussed in this Kakao chatroom.

You have to download kakaotalk app to join this chat room.

If you want to join this Kakao talk Chatroom, please sign up and send me a kakaotalk message (ID: aloha3280) with a short introduction(your name , nationality, what do you do in Korea).

# Guidelines for this chat room #

1. Please don't add your friends to this chat group. Let them join this meetup and sign up for this event.

2. This chat room is for the information sharing and discussions about Korea including travels, festivals, hikings, dinner and parties.

3. We limit 20 posts per day except for sharing the informations.

4. Please don't do too many unrelated and trivial chats.

5. Please don't send or answer uninvited private messages to other members.

6. Please try to post informative things.

7. When you suggest a meetup, please write in detail, what , when, meeting place and time with your Kakao talk ID.

8. We talk in English.