Meditation in a traditional Hanok & garden

이미 지난 이벤트입니다

총 5명이 참석했습니다

매주 토요일

위치: 회원에게만 공개

세부 사항

Are you in charge of your own life? Or do you sometimes feel that life has control over you?

Meditation will not only help in relieving stress, but also focus in the now.

Secure your Saturday mornings for meditation.
Let us get together and relieve ourselves of the accumulated stress and ready ourselves for absorbing new energy for the week!

Do you work out to keep your body strong? Meditation is a great workout for your mind. Here's how we spend our Saturday mornings :

1. Warm up exercise (comfortable clothing recommended)

2. 10~15 minutes of sitting meditation

3. Walking meditation outside in the garden (if the weather permits)

+ Questions and discussions about meditation in general, and/or about managing emotion will be continued over tea/lunch.

See you on Saturday :D

This is the picture of our main gate. Open the smallest door and come in. Follow the narrow path to your right, until you come to the garden. To your left, there is a big hall with many stepping stones. That is where we do meditation.

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