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SEOUL NIGHT HIKE Historical Achasan(아차산), View To Han River
Hi~! all! It offers hikers a bird’s-eye-view of the Hangang River and the downtown area. At the halfway observation deck and the summit, you’ll get a view of the upper stream of the Hangang River, and the cities of Guri and Hanam. From Achasan Fort the Han river is visible almost in it's entirety as it flows through Seoul). This is the closest vantage point for viewing the Hangang River from above. You can see the city lights in all of their glory! We will hike up to the 1st observatory called Goguryeojeong pavillion which is named with the country of Goguryeo 1,000 years ago more and the country have the largest terrotory up to Manchu,China and down to this mountain. And we will walk along the ridges where we can see 4 more remains of fortress and to the last one. there are several view points to take pictures ,so please follow well the trip leader to explore around that area. At the end of hiking, there is a 30 year more old tofu restaurant serving tasty soup, we will drop by as long as anyone want. Come and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and stunning view with crisp refreshing air! Spread the word~ Hiking start : 730PM, exit 2, Achasan stn 아차산역, line5 ♣ Please prepare comfortable shoes, extra layer of clothes to wear at the peak When you go to work ,take a sack with shoes and cloths to change. as soon as you finish work, you can come to subway station and change clothes to join the event! ♣ if you have not hiked before in Seoul and those who have - fear of cold,height,walking,night Strongly recommanded as you will have a chance to overcome and enjoy the moment of life! ♣ If you have too much things going on your work and need - to get rid of stress - to overcome the emotional ups and downs, anger,fear etc - to see some stunning view - to get healing experience - to forget too much obsession or trauma from media This hiking is seriously will make you relieved and make you be in a moment of being happiness! ♣ Instruction will be provided tiget walk how to pace, breath, step Hiking is not just a muscle but more about rhythem and balance. ♣ No chance of cancelation due to weather even rain or snow. As we are grateful of weather and great way to enjoy it as it is! If it's too heavy rain, we can do 1.short hike or 2.urban hike to find best local restaurant to have some meal with drinks! ----------------------- [♣ HOW TO JOIN] 1) If you want to bring a friend, please let him/her JOIN AND READ this event page and RSVP.So not to make them strangers on this event! 친구를 데려올때는 친구도 똑같이 가입하고 RSVP 예스 후에 올 수 있습니다. 2) Fee[masked]K)won for anyone IN CASH on the day - this 10Kwon can be used as a trip voucher whenever join future weekend trip which needs to charter a bus , book accomodation, Please remember the date of the event, name of the mountain - this 10Kwon also can be transferable to your friends.(give it as a gift, let friends know the date+name of place+your name) ♣ YOU CAN BE A HIKING LEADER, INSPIRE PEOPLE! "Seoul Hiking Night" Group Event Organiser Recruit : Anyone wants to organise night hiking close mountain to their area,please let me know so that I can give administration and can share some information! 집 근처에서 이벤트를 진행하고 싶으면 언제든지 신청해주세요. 필요한 정보와 이벤트 진행 방법을 알려드립니다. ----------------------- HOW TO ENJOY NIGHT HIKING EVERY WEEKDAY ♣ Small Events 이벤트 내에 작은 이벤트 Make it sure to book in advance by message or posting on the event. 1. pre dinner 6:30PM we will find local restaurants which run for long and keep the local recipe 2. Book Exchange : books about nature,bring your book just finished or all time favorite and exchange! 3. Spontaneous Poem Reading : pick up a poem from book for this beautiful fall season and read out together 시를 읽기 ♣ More EXERCISE 운동효과 증가시키기 If you want to get more exercise from night hiking, you can wear WEIGHTS on your ANKLE, WRISTS, or BACK. It is a good idea to wear around 0.5kg ~ 1kg in the beginning and work your way up. You can also bring a weighted backpack. Load it up with heavy books, a laptop, a tripod or snacks for everyone~! Watermelon would be really nice for summer! haha ♣ OUTDOOR GYMS 야외체육시설 Most of the hiking event, we pass wonderful outdoor gyms. We can try PULL-UPs, PUSH-UPs,SIT-UPs, etc. Let's do it for couple of minutes! How about biggest hoola hoop challenge! ♣ Night photography 멋진 야경 찍기 알려드릴께요! - if you are interested in taking some good pictures and especially night shots, it will be a good chance! - You'd better bring a SLR camera to adjust the shutter speed and aperture manually. So you can find proper setting. You don't have be a professional but need some passion for this! - bring a tripod for stability.you can take adventage of some obstacles instead - As we will find a best place and will be taking break,you can enjoy taking pictures of view and some objects you want to take constantly ----------------------- MORE ABOUT NIGHT HIKE IN SEOUL When you join first time, to read below to know more about night hiking! [♣ night hike in Seoul] 서울에서 다양한 야간산행 some people think hiking is just for physical exercise but hiking say much more other things. To get rid of stress is the key to live in modern society and get some good inspiration is not easy from busy life. Hiking in mountain implies more about creativities,happiness,cure of mind,etc the hiking in seoul is very busy in day time,but it is very quiet and peaceful at night! * sometimes we walk good path to walk in case of heavy rain or bad weather. some part of han river, town(Insadong,Hongdae,Myeongdong) together It feels like real urban hike along the waves of people and crowded street and with nature!

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We started activities 2008 and have been organising more than thousands of events and hundred thousands of people getting together in happiness on weekend and holidays.

We are aiming for doable, practicable,creative eco-nature tour to get healed,grateful life.

We spend our money for trip to local people to help their community.


SeoulHikingGroup is authorised tourism company for both foreigners and koreans by Korea Government and Korea Toursim Organisation to in and out of Korea.

We will keep our passion for community to connect to nature and make happy and grateful life!Thanks

SeoulHikingGroup (Warren Kim) 서울하이킹그룹

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Insurance : Fully insured by either Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company Appointed by Korean government) and Korea Tourism Organization.


We have more than 10,000 members from facebook and get RSVP at the same time for each event!

We are all travellers in this same space and time of our lives~!

We are a group of same minded people to enjoy weekend in nature with amazing people!

♣ Nature heals you~! Be intuitive,Be simple,happy,strong, open mind to nature!

Life is not a matter to avoid the rainy day but how to enjoy the rain and the rainy day!

Lets spend at least a day in nature on the weekends~!

♣ Nature is 휴식relax,명상meditation,치유healing,회복recovery

Away from hundreds of thousands traffic,advertisement,people,too much little and small things

♣ [Always 2 types of Hike]. One is hiking as long as you want and the other is hiking as leisurely as you want and want to be social.

♣ Hiking is much safer than staying home and the possibility of kicking doors or the legs of sofa and get hurt yourself! since 2008,we don't any any serious incidents other than some people were talking too much while hiking and hit his head on the rock but was okay.

♣ Meet new people & make friends~!

♣ New comers are more than welcome, definitely! for novices, beginners, moderate, and advanced hikers.Please, don't hesitate because you're alone. Most of us come alone and all get along together.It is a social club made up of various kinds of people. You will be shockingly happier than ever in Korea~! Feel free to join us and spread the word!

♣ In the mountains, the mother of nature, we walk along the trails in all seasons with trees, big, small, or dead, with flowers, leaves, or fallen leaves and red coloring of leaves. See and feel the grass, stones, rocks, soil, wind, warm breezes, cold wind, sunshine, snow, clouds, water, moss, vine, insects, squirrels, birds, cityscape or country sceneries, valleys and streams. Walk over and through ridges and peaks. See the stunning sunrises or serene sunsets, moonlights, fog,mist, or even rain. There’s nothing like enjoying the essence of Mother Nature and having a great time!

♣ English teachers,Engineers,Exchange Students,Salary men,Professors,self-employed,Travellers, Artists,employed soldiers from diverse countries. We are all travelers love nature and group of people

♣ LET'S SHARE the experience of hiking with pictures

please,create an album of the trip you joined and put name of tags as : Seoul Hiking Group

♣FACEBOOK Since 2008 hiking events on every other weekend

♣ Open Horizons to Korea, Explore the Real Korea, & Hike in Nature~!

[every season trips and hikes]

♣ Wonderful Jeju do island,camping,biking,hiking the highest Mt.Hallasan

♣ No1 National Park Mt.Jirisan

♣ Most well-known to foreigners, majestic Mt.Seoraksan

♣ Roofless museum Ganghwado island hiking,biking trip

♣ Beautiful Muuido island camping,hiking,seacoast trekking

♣ Island biking and hiking trips to Sinsimodo island

[Spring trips and hikes]

♣ Amazing and wonderful spring roadtrip to Jirisan and Yeosu city of 2012 world EXPO

♣ the longest cherry blossom festival spring trip in Jinhae Naval Port

♣ The 1000 years ago capital city,entire World UNESCO heritage Gyeongju city spring trip

♣ The sea-parting festival in Jindo island trip and Arirang performance

[Summer trips and hikes]

♣ Rafting at the most untouched Donggang river in Gangwondo and river trekking

♣ the best Mud festival even world famous staying just right in front of main area

♣ Wolaksan National Park camping, bunjee-jumping at Chungju lake

[Fall trips and hikes]

♣ Explore Jeongseon city of Arirang performance and hike untouched forest

♣ The international Mask dance festival at Hahoe village of UNESCO world heritage

♣ Explore 2nd largest city Busan when it's Int. film festival.

[Winter trips and hikes]

♣ Skiing/Snowboarding trip

♣ Winter hike at the most sacred Mt.Taebaeksan and snow festival

♣ Mountain Trout Ice fishing festival at Hwacheon

and more travels and hiking trips by requests!

Thank you for joining group and making a blast!

♣ Expand horizons to Korea,,Explore Real Korea,hike in nature!
♣ Love nature Let's spend at least a day with nature in weekend!
♣ Meeting new people,making friends!
♣NATURE and CULTURE comes together with SEOUL HIKING GROUP!