Let's feed homeless people - WESTERN Seoul Location - PART I

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매월 4번째 토요일

Thomas Homeless Shelter

423-41, Yeongdeungpo Dong, Yeongdeungpo Gu · 서울

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Let's gather at Exit 6, Yeongdeungpo Subway Station, Line 1 at 845AM

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Hello Volunteers,

Let's feed hundreds of homeless people.

We'll be feeding roughly 450 to 500 homeless peole at this center this time.

This is PART I of this date's meetup. The participants will help prepare food and cook some food, clean, etc. If you're an early bird, this meetup will be great for you. You may leave around noon before serving's started and our PART II team starts working.

If you may not make it, please make sure to update your RSVP for all other volunteers at your earliest convenience. Because we'll be a primary volunteer group for this date, we MUST have a certain number of volunteers joining us this time.

Important Logistics: PART I

Time: 845AM - 1145AM

Venue: Thomas Homeless Shelter,[masked], Yeongdeungpo Dong, Yeongdeungpo Gu, next to Yeongdeungpo Subway Station on Line 1 (Please do not get confused with Yeongdeungpo Gu Office Station on Line 2 or Yeongdeungpo Market Station on Line 5)

Meeting point: Exit 6, Yeongdeungpo Subway Station, Line 1 at 845AM

Our task: Preparing and cooking food, cleaning, doing dishes, some dirty jobs, etc.

Confirmation: RSVP confirmation requests may be sent via email, messengers, text messages on your phone/kakao talk, etc. Please make sure to provide your contact info we can reach you when you RSVP. Your RSVP may be cancelled if not confirmed within a certain given timeframe. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Working in the kitchen is a hard work. We'll have to roll up our sleeves, and soak ourself in dirt and sweat if you're coming.

You may leave once all food preparation's over and our PART II volunteer team starts working.

CONTACT: James Kim[masked]


This shelter's has been run by a Catholic organization for 20 years. Just in case you'd like to know, no, I'm not affiliated with Catholic church in any way.

This is going to be one of our ongoing meetups. I'm planning and coordinating on multiple events with asylums, shelters, and so on. I'll post another couple of volunteer opportunities you may join sooner or later.

* Please understand that you are responsible for causing physical injuries and/or damages to anyone including yourself during volunteering.