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Hello Volunteers,

Anyone up for teaching English conversation to elementary school kids from very low income families?

Our first pilot program of this kind at Dongbu Regional Children's Center have been going really well thanks to our volunteer members' lovely dedication.

Lately, more regional children's cetners are asking for our help and I'm working on shaping up on a couple more. I will continue to add more locations citywide so that more members can participate at their convenient location.

This meetup is our second program of this kind, and the average household income of these children's families is even lower than that of those households living in Seoul. And more children will probably be coming to get help from our group.

Here're more details.

We need a small team comprised of 3~5 "NATIVE" English speaker members each pairing with "BILINGUAL" Korean members, who will teach English to these underprivileged children who can't afford any private education, registered at Seongnam City's Regional Children's Centers. Our team will work with 2 groups of children, roughly 5 to 7 kids per group, in each session.

* "NATIVE" English speakers mean nationals from 7 countries - Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, U.K., U.S.A.

** "BILINGUAL" Koreans mean our Korean members who can participate in sessions, and help communicate and coordinate between our native speakers, the Center teachers, and the kids.

These kids can not only afford any private education but also are lonely and not properly taken care of by their parents, so Seongnam City's regional children's centers provide cares and certain protections to them after school hours. They're exposed to crimes and abusements if they're gone home early after school. Isn't it sad?

If you have 2-3 hours of free time you'd contribute to education and wellbeing of these kids, let's help them together.

I told to the Center staff that our volunteers need a break on weekends, and may not have enough time to prepare a lot to teach them systematically but leading free talking sessions may be doable. Is it?


- Meeting point: Ticket Booth inside of Sujin Subway Station on Line 8, at 1000AM

- Primary Contact: Jude Choy, Our Volunteer Event Host at this center at[masked]:

- Other inquiries: James Kim, Organizer of Korea International Volunteers, at[masked]

- Hope Children's Center address and TEL:

3 Talli-ro, 31 beon-gil, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi Do

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Thank you always!


Once you signed up, please COMMIT yourself on the date you signed up for. You don't have to commit yourself for every weekly session but it may be nice if you can go back to them frequently and become a good teacher as well as their good friend!

* Please understand that you are responsible for causing physical injuries and/or damages to anyone including yourself during volunteering.