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Conrad Pires says "Space Hub Perth, for which I am a committee member, has partnered with leading Perth co-working space CORE Innovation Hub to run a ‘Space Law’ event featuring Adelaide-based space law expert Duncan Blake and his team this week on Thursday 2 May in the CBD.

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If you use the code SpaceLaw you can attend as a guest of EntrepreneursVille for FREE!

What is Space Law?

Space law is defined as the body of laws, agreements and treaties that govern outer space. In the early days of the space age, a number of international agreements were signed which governed how we use space. Countries enacted these agreements via national laws and regulations and they became responsible for their citizen’s activities in space. But these international agreements were drafted at a time when no-one imagined smaller nations, or even companies, would have the capabilities to regularly go into space for commercial purposes. Today, nations must contend with how to regulate activity in space, such as the rules for exploration, weapons use, and environmental issues such as space debris.

In partnership with Space Hub Perth, CORE is pleased to present this high-level look at the current state and future of Space Law. Our guests include Duncan Blake, special counsel for space law at the International Aerospace Law and Policy Group (IALPG), and his ANGELS project team from the University of Adelaide. The ANGELS (Australian Navigational Guide Explaining Laws for Space) project aims to create a website to help space industry participants to ‘navigate’ Australian and relevant international and foreign laws that regulate their space activities.

It is funded by a grant from the Law Foundation of South Australia.


If you use the code SpaceLaw you can attend as a guest of EntrepreneursVille for FREE!