Zero Reset - The reset button for your personal life


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Under the negative emotion, there is always negative conviction such as “nobody likes me”; “they don’t understand”; or “I can’t do anything right”, etc.

Zero Reset method can erase any negative feelings or worries in a moment, it is a tool to eliminate your own distress by yourself.

The Zero-Reset and Self-knowing Seminar by Mr. Kakuji Nakagawa
It is the ‘Self-knowing’ method that finds negative beliefs.

Affliction refers to a state in which negative emotions such as anger, sadness, hate, etc. is released.

The found Affliction disappears by doing the ‘Zero Reset’.

Bookings are essential on eventbrite here

Most people will experience the erasing of these negative emotions immediately they attend the seminar and after the seminar, you will be able to Reset on your own in the comfort of your own home.

The more you practice, the easier it becomes to Zero reset at will.

W A R N I N G!
When you find a negative conviction, you will experience a feeling, an 'aha' moment. If it is a deep conviction, it is almost always certain that you will cry on the spot.

Make the negative conviction disappear by finding the trauma and resetting it to zero.

A personal video message from Mr Nakagawa

This is a very rare, unique and intimate opportunity to be up close and personal with Mr Nakagawa and to finally learn how to reset your personal life.

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