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Japanese Conversation Intermediate to Advance

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I am rarely to never available on Wednesdays and need an alternative day for Japanese conversation. The main goal is conversation practice, language skill building, and for all the benefits of dialogue and fellowship to follow.

The meetup would aim to challenge speakers, meet the study needs of every participant, and hold meets 85% or higher in Japanese only and give everyone ample speaking time (and more). Build your vocabulary, grammar, expression, and kanji skills. Discuss current Japanese news, trends, and culture in Japanese. Practice your current study content and meet your language practice goals. And if you are looking for someone to run drills/flashcards with hopefully you can find that time/person here.

If interested please add to the conversation of time, location, and how often we meet. The last advance convo group met on Sunday's at Glendale's Panera from 5-8 (closing time) every week. I don't know about every week for that day and time, but we will see. Please add to the convo if interested. The date and location of 9/22 are suggested for a first meet up to hash out the meet up structure, everyone's interest, goals. We will also hash out a consistent day, time, location (s), duration, and frequency if we have not already clarified that here in conversation.

If it appeals to some -the possibility of an ESL exchange is also available. Please come, join the conversation, and show your interest. Beginners are also not excluded from participating. We will be flexible and mindful to all who are present.