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Migrating from Oracle SOA Suite to Microservices on Kubernetes

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Migrating from Oracle SOA Suite to Microservices on Kubernetes


In this session, we’ll explore how Randoli helped a Postal Technology company migrate their payment gateway applications off Oracle SOA Suite to Camel/Springboot on Kubernetes.

The primary drivers for the migration were: move to cloud-native technologies in keeping with the organizational digital transformation mandate; move away from an outdated centralized platform to a decentralized architecture for efficiency, scalability, and manageability; and very high licensing costs of the existing platform.

We’ll discuss:

- The high-level approach we took during the migration including architecture and design decisions.

- How we used Camel/Springboot to implement the services.

- Why and how we used Drools for implementing business rules.

- The test-driven approach using Camel testing framework and how it helped reduce issues.

- CI/CD and build process on Kubernetes.

- How we tackled logging, monitoring, and tracing challenges.
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