Saturday Korean-English Free Conversation Table (now in L'ours at Glenview!)


We are launching a new, second Korean Conversation Table further south in Glenview! Let’s meet for a language exchange! How it works:

We meet at a corner inside L'ours Bakery & Cafe (formerly Cafe Bene) in Glenview for conversation practice. After brief introductions, we will alternate between 15 minutes of English and 15 minutes of Korean (up to 90 minutes).

Please RSVP either here or on Kakao Talk (Kakao ID: ryoon1). We have Conversation Table on the second and fourth Saturday of every month!

Also, we highly recommend that you bring a notebook with you to jot down new vocabulary words that you learn during conversation (you should then try to master those words as you will use many of the same words over and over again in real-life conversation!).