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Hello, everyone!

I was very pleased to hear that many of you that attended the language exchange on 1/26 ( would like to have another language exchange/study session. So, let's have another!

We will split into groups again: Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced speakers.

The beginners will focus on introductory Korean (pronunciation, basic phrases, basic grammar, and basic sentence structure). The beginner group will have more of a classroom setting, with plenty of opportunities to practice speaking in conversational form.

The intermediate/advanced speakers and learners will break out into small groups of 2-4 to converse in Korean about whatever topics they choose (Favorite foods, music, movies, travel experiences, etc.). Try to speak in Korean as much as possible. :)

This is a language exchange. So, any advanced or fluent speakers that want to help others learn Korean are more than welcome to come! For people wanting to improve their English skills, please come as well!

Bring paper and a pen or pencil for note taking. Trust me, it's useful and helpful! Feel free to bring any other learning tools.

There is no charge for this meetup. However, I do ask that you purchase at least one item while at Mozart Bakery. Our venue hosts will greatly appreciate our patronage. ;)

See you all soon!


**Please don't RSVP for this meetup if you have no intention of coming. If you decide that you can't or won't come, please change your RSVP accordingly. Thank you!**