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K-pop Korean Language Training - free class

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스터디 모임!

- Special Event: class, free at Oxford Academy

Friend of the group Soo Yee will be again opening the doors to her school in Annandale on Saturday. (The school is located across the street from Yechon/Breeze Bakery, just inside the Beltway).

Oxford Academy is expanding it's language course with this free trial class, different from the open house last week, that will interest many members of our group...

K-pop level korean Language course Yes, you read correctly - the first "KPOP LEVEL" Korean Language course! K-pop is more than Psy's current international hit "Gangnam Style". Attend the event to learn more about kpop in this first lesson of an eight week course, and note that seating is limited.

Their website is: Oxford Academy -


Can't read the headline for this event? The Korean hangul characters "스터디 모임" we learned in an earlier meetup means "study moim" or study meeting/gathering.

Post if you need a metro station pickup.

This event's timing allows for atend the meetup before for language exchange, and after for chuseok dinner at yechon.