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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and Building DSLs

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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and Building DSLs


Hey Kotlin people!

We'd like to invite you to the next Kotlin Meetup about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and Kotlin DSL Patterns. This time, we are hosted by Xebia.

Wibautstraat 200 - 202, Amsterdam

18:00 Doors open, food and drinks
19:00 Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) - what’s in it for me? --Urs Peter & Bart den Hollander
20:00 Type-safe builders and five other patterns to create beautiful DSLs in Kotlin --Bjorn van der Laan
21:00 Chats & Drinks

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) - what’s in it for me?
The list of cross-platform mobile development frameworks is long, with Flutter and React Native currently being the most popular ones. So, what value does Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile - KMM in short - add to the many ones out there? In this talk, we will try to answer this question by exploring KMM in-depth. Get to know the philosophy KMM is based on, what a typical setup looks like, its possibilities and limitations, and how a transition scenario might look. At the end of this talk, you know the pros and cons of KMM compared to other cross-platform solutions, how it works and what it takes to introduce it to your team. You might be surprised how much KMM can offer you with only minimal effort required...

Urs Peter
Urs is a seasoned software engineer with over 15 years of experience in building resilient, scalable, and mission-critical systems, mostly involving Kotlin and Scala. Besides his job as a consultant, he is also a passionate trainer and author. He is both a JetBrains certified Kotlin and Lightbend certified Scala trainer. As a people person by nature, he loves to share knowledge and inspire and get inspired by peers on meetups and conferences.

Bart den Hollander
As a senior software consultant Bart helps organizations to create maintainable applications with an eye for design and intuitive user experience. His broad experience includes a variety of front-end applications with his specialization in mobile development.

Type-safe builders and five other patterns to create beautiful DSLs in Kotlin
Type-safe builders allow creating Kotlin-based domain-specific languages (DSLs) suitable for building complex hierarchical data structures. We will look at how these builders work and see five additional patterns to create an expressive DSL.

Bjorn van der Laan
Bjorn is a software development consultant at Xebia with a track record of solidly crafted software, mainly on the JVM. His area of expertise is backend development, with Kotlin, Java, and Python as preferred languages. In 2018 he discovered Kotlin in one of the first incubator projects at ING Bank and immediately fell in love with it. Right now, he is in the process of becoming a certified trainer.
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Wibautstraat 200-202 · Amsterdam, NH