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Hello there! We are happy to announce our special edition of kraków.assert(). It is an experiment for us to see if there is an interest in learning more about technologies that are slightly outside of the scope of our group. Let us know what do you think about it!

This time, we have a great opportunity to host two great speakers to talk about the practical application of Kotlin on real-life projects.

Thanks to Artur, you will get a practical intro to Kotlin covering the main benefits over vanilla JVM. Live coding included!

Just after you get more comfortable with Kotlin and have a few bites of warm pizza, Jan is going to talk about how they leveraged Kotlin features to build MVP of their product at Therapify startup.

1. [EN] "Practical Kotlin - let's forget about Java for a moment" by Artur Czopek

You have probably already heard about Kotlin. But why it is better than other JVM languages? What Kotlin has that Java does not? What Kotlin has in common with JavaScript? Why do Android developers love Kotlin? You can find answers to​ all these questions in my presentation. I will show you basic Kotlin rules, its main conceptions and how to use this language on a daily basis. Finally, we will try to create a real-life application based on Kotlin and Spring Boot.

Artur Czopek is a Full-stack Java Developer @ in Poland and blogger @ He still improves his skills as a developer by learning new technologies and as a speaker by sharing his knowledge with other enthusiastic programmers. In free time, Artur creates tutorials about Kotlin (Practical Kotlin - basic course!) and loves triathlon.

2. [EN] "Leveraging Kotlin to build MVP" by Jan Pluta

You have an idea for a product, but you don’t want to quit your day job until the product is validated?
Do you have limited resources and can’t just hire more developers? Is the login screen the first one you should implement?
In the talk, I will be presenting how we leveraged Kotlin features and Google Cloud suite of tools to quickly prototype and iterate over MVP of our startup, all with limited resources and working after hours. I will go over Firebase environment we used to set up a working database and user authentication, and Google Cloud solutions that helped us migrate to the server-side backend as the project matured, all of this made simple thanks to the Kotlin goodness.

Jan is a software engineer focused on mobile solutions. For 4+ years he’s been working as an Android developer with episodes on the server side. Begun working in Java, explored Scala to eventually fall in love with Kotlin. Currently a co-founder and a CTO of Therapify, startup innovating in mental health space.

18:00-18:30 — networking in the loft
18:30-19:15 — "Practical Kotlin - let's forget about Java for a moment" [EN] by Artur Czopek
19:15-19:40 — beer & pizza time!
19:40-20:10 — "Leveraging Kotlin to build MVP" [EN] by Jan Pluta
20:10-00:00 — keep networking!

Pizza and beer will be provided at the event.
If you use a car to get to our place, there is parking available in Galeria Kaziemerz, just next to us.

Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout this event. We may use it to share the content on social media. Let us know if you have any concerns!