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Normally we meet once every quarter, however, we started picking up the pace and getting talk offers from some of you! We decided to take advantage of that and get together sooner!
Thanks to Andrii, you would have a chance to learn about the adoption process of GraphQL at Revolut. After that, Anton is going to share a story about building a scalable design system at Novomatic and lessons that they've learned.


“Fighting with giants - GraphQL soft adoption at Revolut” (in English)
by Andrii Los

How to use GraphQl in your product while minimizing cost and risks? How to integrate it with TypeScript? What are the advantages and downsides of adopting it? Revolut had to answer all those questions and Andrii Los will share with you what issues they faced, how did they solve them and what are the takeaways.

Andrii Los is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Revolut. He graduated from Dnipro Polytechnic University with a Master's degree in Computer Science. He's worked as a software engineer for 6 years, doing backend in Java, working with Big Data problems and more recently - working with technologies like TypeScript, React, GraphQL, CSS-in-JS.

"A smart approach that changes the whole game" by Anton Vasyliev (in English)

There is a big fuss about design systems nowadays. What does it look like in practice? How does one build a system based on Google Material Design that fits one's needs? And what is a design system itself? What benefits does one get from it?
One needs to find out how and where to begin, and how to do it cheaply. And how does one start to build it in a company with 300+ employees? The problem of convincing the management and introducing it to developers is immense. How does one disseminate the knowledge? For instance, constructing a portal, guiding the new design environment, can be a challenge.
To help us answer some of these questions, let's look at the scenario faced by Anton from NOVOMATIC Technologies Poland.
Shoulder to shoulder with his teammates, he has been crafting a new design approach which makes both designers' and developers' lives easier. In NOVOMATIC, Anton is mainly involved in design ops (from a technical perspective), but he is also an advocate of process systemization (from a laziness perspective).

Anton has over nine years of hands-on work experience in interaction design, research and quality assurance for Rich Internet, mobile, and desktop applications. Previously, he has also worked with clients such as Wargaming, Coca-Cola, Adstream and MMSI.

18:00-18:30 — networking in the loft
18:30-19:15 — "Fighting with giants - GraphQL soft adoption at Revolut" [EN] by Andrii Los
19:15-19:30 — beer & pizza time!
19:30-20:15 — "A smart approach that changes the whole game" [EN] by Anton Vasyliev
20:15-00:00 — keep networking!

Pizza and beer will be provided at the event.
If you use a car to get to our place, there is parking available in Galeria Kazimierz, just next to us.

Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout this event. We may use it to share the content in social media. Let us know if you have any concerns!