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The fifth edition already? We are happy to have you on board for more than a year! We hope you guys survived all these intense heat waves in Europe and are ready to join us in our airconditioned loft to learn more about new shiny front-end tools.

We are going to have two talks thanks to our speakers:
- Rafał is going to give a presentation about his experience with GraphQL at ZenDesk;
- Steve will drop his knowledge on us about creating new web components using Stencil JS Framework;


"GraphQL - Are we there yet?" (in English) by Rafał Lindemann

Everybody is talking about GraphQL lately, but what actually is it? Where it can be used? What are its strong & weak points? In this presentation,​ I'll give a short introduction of what GraphQL is, what problems it can solve and what problems it can generate - all based on our own experiences of introducing it in a big, established SPA.

Rafał is a hands-on Engineering Manager at Zendesk Sell, leading a Frontend Platform team, which is set out to make both our Product and our Frontend Engineers faster at the same time.

"Stencil JS for Framework Free Web Components" by Steven Zelek (in English)

AHA, I finally built a perfect component library for Angular 7! Wait... Angular 8 is out? Darn, now I need to do a major version update for my library. But wait, now my clients staying on Angular 7 won't get any minor version updates... ARGH!
Web Components to the rescue! Learn about how Stencil JS makes it easy to create shared components that any Web App can use.

Steve is a full-stack web developer at Chatham Financial in Pennsylvania. He has been coding since 2012, and has delivered many personal and professional projects since then. He loves creating user-friendly apps with a high standard for both visual and code quality.

18:00-18:30 — networking in the loft
18:30-19:15 — "GraphQL - Are we there yet?" [EN] by Rafał Lindemann
19:15-19:30 — beer & pizza time!
19:30-20:00 — "Stencil JS for Framework Free Web Components" [EN] by Steven Zelek
20:00-00:00 — keep networking!

Pizza and beer will be provided at the event.
If you use a car to get to our place, there is parking available in Galeria Kazimierz, just next to us.

Please note that photographs and footage will be taken throughout this event. We may use it to share the content on​ social media. Let us know if you have any concerns!