Container Runtimes And Kubernetes

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Kubernauts Worldwide Meetup
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Problem: The Freedom of Choice

Often we are lucky to have the freedom of choice, but this could become a chronic headache and turn to become a problem, at least if you've to deal with different container runtimes on different operating systems and different k8s distributions.

By this online meetup Fahed Dorgaa sheds some light on Container Runtimes, the Container Runtime Interface, why to use a Container Runtime Interface, what is OCI, RUNC, RUNSC, CRI-O, Containerd, frakti, Kata, Docker, Podman, Buildah, gVisor, Skopeo, etc.. and talks about the relationship between Cri & Cni.

By this talk Fahed will help us to get rid of a chronic k8s headache and choose the right container runtime solution for our daily work.


What is a Container Runtime?
What is a Container Runtime Interface?
Why to use the Container Runtime Interface?
What is the best Container Runtime solution?
Cri & Cni

About Fahed Dorgaa

A passionate go-getter specialized in delivering technical solutions with a strong software engineering background and a recognized business acumen. I still enjoy the thrill of learning and am passionate about software architecture and buzzwords technologies. Everywhere!

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