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Kundalini dance is the dance of liberation, the dance of freedom, the dance of passion, the dance of love and the dance of ecstatic union.

The moving mind is stilled, attention is brought to the body, to the physicality, to the desire of the heart. The male shiva and female shakti polarities are activated and harmonized in the body, all in full awareness.

Kundalini is sacred sexual energy that lies dormant or asleep at the base of the spine. The aim of kundalini dance is to awaken and raise this kundalini energy so as to achieve liberation, union and true self-realization.

Kundalini dance has elements of kundalini yoga, chi gung, oriental belly dance, acro-yoga, sufi whirling, contact dance and zen. It is a movement and breath practice that increases pranic energy or life force in the body to act as a launch-pad for kundalini arousal and awakening.

It involves centering, breathing, mantras, stretching, kundalini exercises, free form dance, relaxation, active meditation, still meditation, partner dance and massage.

Beginners are always welcome, as are experienced bodyworkers and dancers.


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