Inner Medicine Meditation Mastery Retreat

Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing Vibration
Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing Vibration
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We will experientially journey through the stages of meditation with the technology of Kundalini yoga and authentic yogic lifestyle including-

Overcoming the hurdles initially felt in the beginning phases of a meditation practice.
Mastering the neutral meditative mind
Building the skill of witnessing thoughts and emotions
Clearing the subconscious mind
Establishing and finding our true self and expressing from that nucleus
Expressing integrity in our relationships
Taking responsibility for others as an empowerment
Enriching and elevating those around us
Finding the zero point of the mind- shunya
Creativity from mental stillness
Transcending the ego or finite self
Experiences of the higher levels of meditation
Mastering breath through pranayama techniques
Understanding and utilizing Mantras and the sound current
Immersion into longer meditation practices
Skill, context, inspiration, sangha (community), and techniques to establish a consistent and deep daily meditation practice
Early morning Sadhana
Yoga to prepare the body along with cleansing and Ayurvedic understandings
Vedic Fire Ceremony
Crystal bowl and gong sound healing
Tour of the scared grounds
Raw and Vegan cuisine and optional juice cleansing
Connecting to nature on the sacred grounds of Kashi

Through practice and encouraging guidance by Devi Manet and Soma Rasa, we will gradually build our way up to longer meditation practices.This meditation immersion will insure a daily meditation practice will be automatic and natural helping to balance many of life's stressors and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. We will be exploring and aligning to the higher ancient truths in a customized way for our modern day, user friendly utility value. During the immersion you will have constant counseling and preparation protocols to optimize and get the most out of the intensive meditation practices. Do not miss this amazing transformative retreat to elevate , enliven, and upgrade on all levels!

About the facilitators:

Soma Rasa has experientially and formally studied many healing arts such as detoxification, herbalism, and Ayurveda. After years of intensive discipline in many sacred arts and sciences, Soma has made it his mission to facilitate transformation of health potential in others.

Devi Manet is on a mission to share the healing modalities that have worked for her through direct experience. What began as a simple interest in bettering the quality of her life, led to in depth studies in plant based living food nutrition and detox, mystical world religions and practices, and expression through healing arts such as yoga and sound healing. Covering the whole body, mind, and spirit spectrum with great emphasis on preparing the body for the soul's evolution process has been the driving force in her work. Now on her third journey through Level 3 Kundalini Training ( the course which ignited her passion for running retreats) she is ecstatic to share her inspiration from this complete technology at Inner Medicine Meditation Mastery Retreat.

About the Venue:

Kashi Ashram located in Sebastian, Fl is a sacred retreat and spiritual center that is easily accessible by car from South Florida. Kashi Ashram is an interfaith spiritual community based on kindness, compassion and service, embracing the sacred practices of many traditions. Any beautiful location may do for a retreat center but what is special about Kashi are the beautiful temples, glorious nature, and expansive serenity. The rooms are state of the art and the whole group will be staying in the large Shirdi house which is walking distance to the yoga studio. Meals are served in the dining hall and a juice cleansing option is available by contacting us at [masked]

Room options= Semi private, Private, & Private single with Bath

Please place your deposit now to save your spot and to lock in early bird rates until 6/19!

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