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This is a group for digital nomads, entrepreneurs staying in Kyoto. (or even for those who wants to share the ideas with them.)

We're making chances to gather and make the stay in Kyoto much more meaningful on such as casual meetups, workshops and cultural events.

• This group is aim to make social networking between digital nomads, entrepreneurs or those who want to get to know with them.

• This group's purpose is to have more chances for sharing ideas of your own business, exchanging information you've been to, getting know about Kyoto or connecting to like-minded people.

• Any one can join in if you understand the ground rules here. No admission fee to join the group. Just pay for events you'd like to join.

• This group is organized by achicochi LLC, which runs a coworking & coliving space in Kyoto. Please note that this group is not only for our facility but for linking digital nomads people in Kyoto as there're just limited numbers of such occasions. ( https://achicochi.net/ )

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Soba Noodles Cooking Class at Traditional Japanese Kitchen



Japanese follows below 日本語記載は下にあります 【Home made & Hand made ! Soba Noodles Cooking Class】 Have you ever tried to make your own Soba Noodles ? We will make soba(buckwheat) noodles from flour and water. And you can also enjoy the venue, large traditional kitchen which has been used for more than hundreds years. Then for lunch, you will have nice soba noodles at Japanese traditional style house with a garden, which you would love for sure ! What you will have - Hands on cooking class - Lunch time with your own soba, learning how to eat it - Experience at traditional kitchen and garden - recipe to cook at home - welcome tea *Apron‛s available if needed *Please be sure that your nails are not long to be comfortable for making soba dough Date&Time:July 7th 11AM - 1PM Venue:Taikoukyo (Important Cultural property with Japanese garden) Yamadaueno-cho 25, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City (about 10 mins walk from Hankyu Railway Kamiktsura station) Price:5,000 JPY Seats available for a class :6 people Organized by achicochi LLC Any Question : [masked] ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 【初夏の風に苔香る、京都・西山の麓『苔香居』で蕎麦打ち!】 京都西山の自然と調和した暮らしをいまに伝える、山口家住宅『苔香居』にて蕎麦の手打ち体験です。 おひとりずつ手打ちしていただき、出来上がった蕎麦を、初夏の心地よい風のなかで味わいます。 自分で手打ちしたお蕎麦はまた格別です。 京都市内とは思えない落ち着いた空間で特別なひとときを過ごしてみませんか。 <苔香居について> 京都の西山の麓に位置する、山口家住宅『苔香居』(たいこうきょ)は、文化庁国有形文化財・京都市指定重要景観建造物に指定されています。 また、その名の通り、庭は数十種類の苔に覆われ、四季折々の表情が楽しめます。 400年余変わることなく伝承されてきた、自然と調和した暮らしがそこにはあり,今も現役の囲炉裏、おくどさんに京都市内で出逢える貴重な空間です。 日時:7月7日(日)11時~13時 会場:苔香居 京都市西京区山田上ノ町25 (阪急 嵐山線 上桂駅から約徒歩10分) 参加費:5,000円 定員:6名 *エプロンは必要でしたらお貸しします *爪が長すぎないよう、整えてお越しください 主催:苔香居 / 合同会社achicochi 問い合わせ先:[masked](担当:山本)

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Kyoto Meetup! for Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs

SNACK Candy 京都店


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