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Infinity Cube Project Workshop

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Allison P.
Infinity Cube Project Workshop


Come make your own infinity cube, and do it better than me. This is a fabrication challenge!

Cost to attend: $25/35 (Kzoo Maker paying members/non-members)

In this workshop, attendees will:

-purchase a kit of pre-cut parts
-tweak their parts on the belt sander for optimal fit-up
-use a sculpy clay mold to tack their cube together
-get extremely frustrated when their parts don't fit up
-be allowed extra pre-cut pieces if need be, since the fit-up on this project is a challenge.
-use a wire wheel and hand dremel to grind their tacks and make their infinity cube shine
-Take home what they make!

During this workshop we will be exposed to heat, sparks, and sharp metal edges. Gloves, jackets, and welding helmets will be provided. Attendees MUST wear natural fiber pants and closed toe shoes, NO MESH TENNIS SHOES ALLOWED.

It is recommended that you wear or bring a long sleeved shirt.


Limit of 5 attendees.

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