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Hi Everyone! Welcome!
This is a group for L2/H4 visa holders who come to US and start new life as spouses to our lover who relocated to this country for work reasons or as new immigrants.
Moving to a new country is hard, different language, different culture, different food, different climate, and even more.
But we still try to live a beautiful life, take care of our family, and make new friends!
I came here with my husband in 2020 just before COVID pendemic, do have difficulty time more or less with no any friends here as our start.
I Sufferd from Anxitey and Depression, With huge Disidentification. And Discontinuity Homesick.
I started this group to build a community for supporting someone who's in the same situation and give support to each other.
Looking forward to hear your story and let's stay together and strong.

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