Intro to Improv - Space Work & Imagination

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Get in touch with your spontaneous impulses, fire up your creativity neurons and joyfully collaborate with other people in this improv class.

This improv class is for beginners and improvisers of all skill levels.

Why Improv?
Improv helps people:
- Listen and be present
- Tap into creativity
- Be better communicators
- Celebrate making mistakes and be more resilient
- Gracefully deal with uncertainty
- Make your partners look good and collaborate more effectively
YES AND in addition to being useful, improv is fun!

Areas of Focus:
- Listening and noticing (with all senses)
- Saying Yes (getting out of your own way and your partner's way)
- Spontaneity
- Space object activity work and imagining your environment
- Having Fun

You Will Learn:
- Foundation principles of improv (e.g. YES AND, happy healthy well, being present, eye contact and listening, making your partner look good, accepting mistakes and how they can be gifts, being obvious, etc.)
- Fun improv games that improve listening skills, teamwork and communication
- Improv games that you can teach to your team, friends and family!

Who Should Attend (audience):
Anyone who wants to try improv, play games and have fun!

What kinds of people attend class? All kinds, including:
- Actors who want to be more in the moment and flexible on set
- Directors and writers looking for a creativity boost
- Developers / Engineers
- Data Scientists
- Founders and executives
- Graphic Designers
- Product Managers
- Writers
- etc.
- all kinds of people from all walks of life are welcome to participate :)

What to Wear:
- workout attire (athletic shoes, sweatpants and t-shirts) is recommended but business casual also works. Wear comfortable shoes that you can move in.

Class Donations:
Donations ($20 to $40 per person) are encouraged but are optional and not required.
Cash or Venmo @jaredpolivka

Our Mission:
- spread the joy of improv to underrepresented groups
- help people realize that they are storytellers
- share knowledge, technique and tools to sharpen storytelling skills, build confidence and build resilience
- help people get back in touch with their natural presence

About the Teacher:
Jared Polivka
Jared is a graduate of BATS Improv; he also studied with Tim Orr in San Francisco. Jared trained in acting at the American Conservatory Theatre and at Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

Jared currently trains acting with Richard Seyd and trains improv at The Groundlings and at Impro Theatre in Los Angeles.

Jared’s mission is to serve others through storytelling while living a light-hearted, present, empathetic, kind and responsible life.

Stay in touch with Jared on social media:
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