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Intimme Photo Sessions for Groups + Individuals

by Walter Moss Photography IG @ohwolter

interactive immersive role-playing+

Calling aspiring and professional actors, comedians, models, dancers, athletes, business professionals, technologists, musicians, singers, public figures, personalities, and everybody looking for vivid and affordable individual and/or group photography that captures each persons' expressions, emotions and the moment, while participating in immersive activities at different locations throughout Los Angeles, indoors and outdoors, day or night.

From individual portraits to group photo shoots, head-shots, still shots, improvising, acting natural, posing as directed, role-playing as a performance art while posing, imitating others, coaching, directing, and judging, intervening the space, having fun, boosting self-confidence, breaking shyness and insecurities, in a completely easy and experimental setting.

Meetings will include orientation, immersive activities, direction as in a filming, commercial or a theater set, production assignments, collaboration, human lighting, setting, fitting, clothing, posing assessment consulting, mobile hair-styling and make-up services, and others depending on each session arrangement and requests.

Thank you for your participation, this is a thrilling event like no other and I think the first of its kind!

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