Franck Leveneur on MySQL Stored Procedures & Functions. Tuesday March 24

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We will have a DRAW for a free "full" Navicat license. Other attendees will receive a 50% discount on Navicat. Zmanda will also offer a 10% discount on their ZRM Back up solution.

Franck Leveneur is a Senior Database Architect for a successful Los Angeles company and a pioneer in the Internet development and management space. Franck has been involved in various projects for Fortune 500 companies and independent businesses in the entertainment industry, as well as websites and databases for Acura, Variety, Lexus,,, and many more.

Franck has been working with MS SQL for more than 10 years. He also has extensive knowledge in database modeling and optimization. He's been using Mysql for the past 4 years. Although he thinks Mysql has room for more features and improvements, he believe Mysql has a bright future ahead.

For this session, Franck will talk about Mysql Stored Procedures and Functions and use examples and a "zest" of creativity to show you how powerful Stored Procedure can be. He will also cover some useful DBA tools he uses daily for Backup, Monitoring, and day to day operations.

Stored Proc & Function
Input/Output Param
Calling Stored Proc (command line, from other SP)
Declaring Variables
Dynamic SQL
Security (granting proper access)

DBA Tools
The Power of MysqlDump
Peace of Mind Back Up with Zmanda
Monitoring with MonYog
Navicat, SequelPro

Refreshments will be provided.

Parking is available on the street. We've been lucky to have the guard validate parking, but it is NOT guaranteed so if you don't want to risk having to pay, there are plenty of spots on the street.