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The Straits of Catalina: Island Expedition (Marina Del Rey, CA to Two Harbors)

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So it's been another busy summer and finally time to post another event. A few years ago, even before I joined this meet up, I got to talking to the kind folk over at Southern California Outdoor Adventurers ( about sailing with their members. Flash forward to now and it's time to announce out first outing together.


Overview: Explore Catalina Island like Amerigo Vespucci the famous Italian cartographer. You are part of a 6 person crew. Your misson: hike, snorkel, sea kayak and sun bathe Catalina Island like only real adventurers can! Exactly what you do on the island is up to you. Choose your own adventure! At your disposal will be a cozy well-founded 30' sailboat, one sea kayak per person, a bunk to sleep onboard and food / water for the duration of the event. Bring your sense of adventure and your choice of favored beverages.

The boat will shove off from Marina Del Rey in the early hours of Friday morning. While your friends, family and coworkers sleep, you’ll get the chance to watch the sunrise over the flat ocean. If you choose to stay awake, the 7 hour ride over might seem amazing or it might seem dull but remember your primary focus is the island. Focusing on the motorsail over would be like focusing on the drive to Mammoth rather than the snowboarding. Sailing is NOT the primary focus of this event. Having said that, the ride back is should be a blast and everyone can try their hand at sailing especially you.

Once moored at the rustic Two Harbors area of Catalina, you will enjoy an early start in your exploration the West Side of the island. Rugged west side peaks. Beaches only the locals know. Crystal clear water and many other areas remote area only accessible by sea kayak or snorkel. They’re all waiting for you. Oh and don’t forget the bald eagles, fox and even buffalo… yes buffalo!

Details: we are still working them out but here is the basic lay of the land..

Dates: August 10,11,12. We leave Marina Del Rey early Friday AM and arrive back on Sunday at around 5 or 6. Sleep on the way. Sleep once there. Sleep on the way back. Whatever. It’s also optional to crash on the boat on Thursday night.

Boat and skipper: Our member Dave is providing his boat and experience (I'll be his backup). SCOA will provide 6 kayaks essentially one for everyone. We need to cover fuel, mooring fees and food. The boat is well equipped with a modern autopilot, a charcoal BBQ, propane stove, pressure water, an enclosed marina head, AM/FM/CD with iPod in and a fridge that needs replacing so we’ll chip for that.

Cost:$220- $260/person inclusive (expect special beverages you provide and possibly a shore boat ride into Two Harbors for outdoor dancing on Saturday night, tiny grocery store and hot showers).<- This is a STEAL for three days adventure. Dave is a life long boater from a family of boaters. He and the vessel have made this crossing many times.

Supplemental: THIS TRIP IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Only a certain few have the stomach for the ocean, hours in the sun… all the while being “stuck” inside a cozy space. No worries if you’re not one of us since there are PLENTY of other exciting events coming up. BUT… if you have an adventurous spirit, are flexible and don't mind pitching in as a team, participating in the adventure this will be an excellent opportunity for you to check out one of the premier destinations of Southern California where the ferries only visit a couple times a day.

Instructions: If you are interested in this adventure RSVP to the waiting list.

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