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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Steve's Board Game Night: Spaghetti Battle! Steven VS Jieun
-`ღ´-New to meetup and beginner board gamers welcomed!-`ღ´- Hmm, so how'd this all start. Bunch of us were having a conversation about food and cooking, I had mentioned my favorite thing to cook was spaghetti, Jieun said that was her favorite thing to cook too. Evil glares, some smack talk and then I challenged her and she accepted. Soooo yeeehh....China Vs. Korea for an Italian dish. XD The rules are simple. Yeah this is like every other chaotic board game night I host but for dinner, Jieun and I are going to cook our best spaghetti for you guys and you have to vote on which one you like for the title of SPAGHETTI CHAMPION! Of course the usual salads with different dressings, dessert, soft drinks and water will be there too! Everybody will have to pitch in $10 for the food, utensils and drinks regardless if you eat or not. So please eat and drink! ♞ I will message you my address the day of the meetup. ♞ Please be on time so we can do an introduction/ice breaker with some fun questions. I find that doing these really help for a more engaging and fulfilling meetup for everybody. There were a few people who flaked last time I did this meetup and I had to eat the cost of the food so please serious RSVP's only. Space is limited so even if you've been to my place before, please don't crash and show up. At least ask me first. :D If you can't go, please be considerate of others and take yourself off the RSVP list well beforehand to give enough time for the next person on the waiting list time to see if they can go. It's okay to be late, and no shows will be banned from all meetups that I host. My board game collection can be found here ( Alrighty then. See you Friday!

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Don't worry, address will be privately messaged to you the day of the meetup. · Monterey Park, ca