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This site and forum is dedicated to the L.A. BMW enthusiast. Whether you own a F, G, R or K bike this portal will allow you to communicate with fellow BMW riders who share your passion for Germany's famous Two Wheeled Wonders.
We are here to ride, so be ready to take on California's Öffnen Sie Straßen. (open roads)
As the site is built, it will be updated with new content..including downloadable maps and rides, classified ads, sponsors and a gallery that will make every BMW owner drool.

Post pictures and tell stories of your favorite rides and of the Bike "You never wish you sold".

We are here to help the BMW community get together..(Cost Free) There are no Membership dues, there are no Ride Fees, we just want to ride with you and get you to ride with others. It shouldn't cost a dime to have a great time with like minded individuals.

You don't need to have permission to set up a Meetup ride, just set it up and then go riding. Our whole goal here is to showcase L.A.'s BMW community. Sure, there are great BMW groups here in SoCal. We're trying to get away from the Yawn and Stretch Riding Communities of California, we are all about Open Throttle and activity.

Of course to us, L.A. is a very large area. If you live North, South, East or West of L.A. County consider yourself a LAB RAT and come join us for some great Road Adventures.

We even allow the Non BMW Community to join us for rides and functions, because soon enough they too will be on a BMW. You just can't beat a Beemer.

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