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Are you motivated, disciplined, ambitious, dedicated, and actively working toward your personal and professional goals? If not, do you want to be? If so, then this is the meet up for you. Many people say "you are what you eat" but I say "you are what you CONSUME". If you want to change your life, your outlook, your everyday experience and ultimately your destiny, first change your mindset. Make no mistake: every action starts in the mind first and if you put junk in you will get junk out! This Book Club is for everyone who wants to be someone. Regardless if you are a self-help junkie or you've never even finished a non-fiction book, you are welcome here. We want a diverse community of like minded individuals. The only requirement is the understanding that each member of this group takes on two roles: both student AND teacher. We all have something to offer and we all have room for improvement... Even you! So join us on this path of self-discovery and self-improvement. You won't regret it!


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