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What we’re about

**If you are not a woman that lives in Atlanta, GA .. Please DO NOT request to be a member. Your request will be denied**

Are you a woman that enjoys international travel but struggles to find a travel partner when you are ready to go?

Are you a woman that has made travel plans with friends, only to have them cancel out at the last minute?

Do you desire to travel internationally but have fears of making a trip abroad .. especially if you have to go alone?

If your answer is YES to any (or even all) of these questions, then this is the travel group for you!

Ladies Let’s Travel Int’l (ATL) is a travel group focused on bringing like-minded women together that have a desire to travel internationally, while creating amazing experiences and lifetime connections.

The meetup group started as a local chapter in the Minneapolis area and we are now expanding to include our traveling women friends in Atlanta as well!! In coordination with our group leader in Atlanta, we will meet to get to know each other and to share ideas on group travel locations and dates. We will also have video conferences so that women in both cities can connect!

As your group leader, I created these groups based on feedback I received through my travel business, Royal Egypt Travel.

My company creates tours & vacations to Egypt (and yessss! I would LOVE to take you ladies there with me!!) ... but I have also had an overwhelming number of requests to organize trips to other countries as well.

My vision for these groups is to create a place where we all can share our group travel itineraries and/or ideas to create amazing vacations just for women. Preferably, this would be 1 - 2 international trips per year.

I have been blessed to have visited over 20 countries in my international travels and the list continues to grow. I have traveled solo, as well as with various women groups. It would be great to add more traveling friends to my circle!

So .... Ladies Let’s Travel! ♥️🛫🌍