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About me “Channa”

  • Gifted in Clairsentience (sensing emotion), Clairaudience (telepathy), Clairvoyance (psychic vision), Claircognizance (psychic intuition), Medium (spirit communication)
  • A natural born healer blending Heaven and Earth energies, trained under Buddhist monks from Thailand
  • Gifted in healing touch and ability to sense and release areas of the body holding stress and trauma 
  • She specializes in multidimensional frequency healing from soul matrix healing/Collaborative work between the the sirinas and the Arcturians, Angelic Realm, Intergalactic Channel, Pleiades Frequency Healer, and conscious channeling with Angle and Source
  • Over 15 years of experience bringing Reiki/ Energy Healing and Psychic healing, Meditation Teacher and wellness to others
  • Dedicated to clearing negativity and guiding spiritual evolution and protection, she helps her clients find their paths to peace and happiness through honest efforts
  • Serene and beautiful studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean


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Chakra Clearing- Deep Relaxation with sound bath class

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Reiki & Hypnotherapy for Remove all negative with sound Bath

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Unlock 7 Chakra+Sound Bath Meditation.Bonus!Free Tarot

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Affirmation healing+Sound Bath Meditation

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