🌈Your power is within🏡🧠💪🏼

Laguna and Newport Beach Yoga
Laguna and Newport Beach Yoga
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Hello my beautiful souls💖🌺

Your power is within.

Your power is inside. Whether it’s within your mindset or your home.
You are blessed.🏡🧠💪🏼

There are over 70 million people without a home, displaced by this global pandemic.

My hope for you is to remember that you are stronger than anything that is thrown at you. Whether it be a lesson or a win. Both are blessings.

Wouldn’t it be great to take this time to find yourself. Find your gifts, strengthen where you’re weak, and most importantly, let go of what doesn’t make you better. Take this time for you.

Be smart. Be mindful. Be safe my blessed loves. Remember what you’re grateful for and let go of the rest.

May this bring out the best in us.

Every class I closed with this wish I share with you today.

May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you be safe.

All my love,
Gia ✨💖✨

A message for you. Not an actual event. Feel free to post messages of encouragement below or how you’re getting through these times🤗🙏