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Open free training in functional programming concepts to the Amsterdam community, we mainly use Scala since it is a combination between mainstream and advanced typed functional programming.

We believe that the world's biggest challenges can be defeated using the power of reason, science, and collaboration. We form elite system designers and channel their skills to the development of impactful projects. By offering free training and educational content, by developing internal projects, and by collaborating with communities and organizations.

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Introduction to pure functional programming on the front-end with ELM!

Darwin B.V. World Trade Center

Hosted and sponsored by Darwin Recruitment! Developing for the browser has always been challenging, and many frameworks have tried to solve such challenges, for this session we will teach the basics of one frameowrk that introduces 2 whole paradigms to front-end development, functional programming, and reactive programming, and see how such paradigms actually solve the challenges we faced, including the fact that it is lots of fun! Be prepared to code a lot in community with our coding dojo style :D

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Hack&Beer (Program with free pizza, beer and FP bros)

Darwin B.V. World Trade Center

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