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The sale of a rented property, house or apartment, requires special legal procedures for both buyers and sellers. Further, marketing these properties have to be done differently than other sales, and the protocol is also different.

This meet up is for property owners and landlords, future owners, buyers & sellers who want info on rent control and how to handle tenants and how to correctly handle all intricate steps during a sale. San Francisco Administrative 37.9 is written in favor of tenant advocates and provides for triple damages against owners who fail to follow these rules. This also includes damages for non rent controlled properties.

San Francisco property owners should be educated about these vast regulations and know how to deal with tenants that use these regulations for personal gain. Furthermore, it is the law.

You will gain valuable, day to day, practical advice from an experienced landlord advocate, and I have been at San Francisco City Hall in the 1990's lobbying for owner's rights.

San Francisco realtor & rent board consultant experienced in : 1. Tenant Issues; 2. Eviction Regulations; 3. Rent regulations; 4. City Hall Lobbying; 5. Getting The Highest Sale Price For Tenant Occupied Properties; Local Expertise, Global Reach. Before you Buy Or Sell A Rented Property, see me first, you'll be glad you did.

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