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Language Blabla Exchange

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✨Blabla Language exchange event

Hello, Guys

The “Blabla language exchange ”is fun,social and language learning activities where attendees can enjoy themselves, practice English and other languages and make new mates with different background.

we normally meet up with each other on Saturday every weekend. It is the most enjoyable and meaningful event to practice language at bar or coffeshop in Shanghai. It offers you a platform and stage to enhance your soft skills and presentation skills, providing a chance to have access to an network of diverse cultural backgrounds of professionals locally and internationally!

we share different working and oversea study experience, movies , fashion trend , sports ,travel and positive energies. All our members have access to engage with our language learning process through group discussion, brain storming, ice-breaking game and constructive evaluations by our peers. (please contact us if you have any topic to nominate for future sessions).“Blabla language exchange event ” is suitable for different language speakers from low, intermediate to advance. Let’s give it a go if you are willing to learn a new language and to be a“bomber”on Saturday.

Please provid your geen code and 72hours PCR test /negative result at the door.

Time: 10/15/2022 2.30PM-5:30PM

Location: 长宁区娄山关路500号-4号 T3圆梦园才俊咖啡

Fee:early bird ticket45RMB single person
early bird ticket36RMB two people together
entrance tickets 50RMB

Please book the ticket with us in advance if you are willing to attend the event on Saturday.

Wechat: fh1206480258


👋如果您是美剧迷,旅游达人,爱分享美食的吃货,追寻一切流行元素的潮人。恰好也爱英语,爱不同国家🌸🌼🌺的文化,那您就是我们的主场闪光灯。✨快来加入我们一起嗨🎆🎉✨ 参加本周的语言交换活动吧🌸🌼🌺

✨Bla bla Language exchange

💡我们以语言为载体,结识各行各业的新朋友,一起玩,一起学,一起high!Take it easy!🥳🥳
💡在活动中通过我们设置的小环节增强自己的社交沟通能力和口语水平,👍👍全方位的提升自己,成为最闪亮的 social expert~✨✨


📍活动地点:长宁区娄山关路500号-4号 T3圆梦园才俊咖啡
早鸟票 36RMB 二人同行
现场50 RMB
需要提前预定哦,可以联系我们的工作人员wechat: fh1206480258

Blabla Language Exchange
Blabla Language Exchange
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长宁区娄山关路500-4号, · Shanghai
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