Learn how 12 words are barriers to our perceived success in life.

Language Life Coaching
Language Life Coaching
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694 Mt. Pleasant Rd. · Toronto, ON

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We meet on the 2nd floor of this Starbucks.

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12 words may be between you and the success you believe you deserve through your determined efforts. Yet there seems to be an invisible wall that consistently keeps you from receiving rewards from your efforts.

Most of us have followed the advice from books. courses and those with more experience. I did the same for many years. I also was a constant learner. Ten years ago I reversed my search for the things "to do" for a better quality of life. I sought out the barriers to my success. This was the key. I learned there are only a few barriers to our success compared to the long list of "to do's" recommended by best selling authors. I invested my time in learning these barriers ...and neutralizing them.

The #1 barrier is our language. We use 12 words in our daily conversations that contain an amazing amount of hidden negativity. Learn how to recognize their use in 3 major areas. Reframe your dialogues with more positive words. It is the negativity in the 12 words that keeps others from co-operating with you. This is like pushing away the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Also, you can learn a comprehensive 3 step Goal Setting Process. Replace the looping stories or excuses that you replay on a daily basis with affirmations from the goals you set for yourself. Set basic goals in the 7 Major Life Areas for a balanced approach to your own personal success.

You can become the person others look to for confidence, positive self-esteem and self-leadership. Learn how to be this person even when your work culture seems to have signs of negativity, complaining and criticizing.

Our meetings are positive, fun and rewarding. We share information we gather on our own as well as books or other resources. We help each other unconditionally.

Join us when your schedule allows. We meet every other Sunday morning for 2 hours over a coffee at midtown Starbucks with a separate floor for meetings. Invite a friend or co-worker.