Past Meetup

Language Exchange + Drinks + Adam's Going Away at space for 200+!

Price: $1.00 /per person

Location visible to members


200+ people once again? Have actual Language Exchange? Adam is going away? Yes, Yes & OH NO...!

Assistant Organizer Adam is moving to Europe and this will be the last meetup he will attend, so if you're a friend of his don't miss this one! Make sure to say goodbye and wish him well!

This is a fun Language Exchange event (21+) from 4 - 6:30 pm where you get to meet and practice different languages with other learners and native speakers! Lounge seating so groups of up to 15-20 can sit together! All levels are welcome

Please support the venue with purchasing at least 1 drink or food. Beer & wine $6-$8 for us! If you don't drink, you can buy a soft drink,juice or food.

All of the following languages are separated into groups and marked by flags!



English (ESL)
To attend:
1. Write what you speak and what you want to practice
2. Check in @ entrance, get a name tag!
3. Spend 1/4th of your time contributing with your native language with others!
4. Note fee policy to cover meetup costs: Arrival @ 4-5 pm $1, 5-6pm $2. Also you must cover for your guest even if they don't end up coming since RSVP was taken
Rules for events
1. Meetings are only open to registered members who RSVP for that event.
2. Members who cannot make it must cancel RSVP by 2pm on Saturday
3. Members who RSVP but do not show up 3 times will be removed from the group.
5. Members who just show up that are not on RSVP list will be turned away.