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Mobile Camp emerged from the experiences gained from attending mobile developer conferences held by BlackBerry, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and others. Some of the technologies we work with including Apache Cordova, Adobe PhoneGap, Adobe AIR, Java, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, C/C++, and NoSQL. By developer and for developers, we strive to give developers the edge in keeping up with mobile technologies as the industry and its techniques are constantly evolving. With this group we hope to excite and unite all that are passionate about the creators of the smartphone. This is an informal group so we are open to suggestions and feedback on what each member wants out of this group. Feel free to suggest topics for discussion, show off your latest app or what you've learned, or just come to the meetups and meet other developers.

Do contact the organizers and suggest a meetup; feel free to suggest any topic. We're always listening.

We welcome everyone here in accordance to the Apache Software Foundation Code of Conduct.

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AT&T Shape Hackathon

Cross Campus

Join us on April 12-14 for a very special 5G themed Hackathon produced by the AT&T Developer Program. This event will bring together developers, designers, and creators to hack innovative and disruptive mobile solutions that highlight the benefits of 5G. You bring the innovative ideas and designs and we'll bring the tech to help you transform them into apps in just one weekend. Register on Eventbrite: https://attshapehack2019.eventbrite.com/?aff=LAMobile -No travel stipends are available -Event space is open overnight -All registered hackathon participants receive free registration for AT&T SHAPE Expo on June 22nd and 23rd at Warner Bros. Studio Lot. More details can be found beginning April 12th at https://shape.att.com. https://www.facebook.com/attshape/videos/1471787639534618/ What is an 5G hackathon? 5G mobile networks will open the door to new experiences that will change how we live, work, and play. Faster network speeds and near real time latency will enable new compelling experiences. For this event AT&T invites developers, designers, and creators to imagine and create those experiences by coding mobile solutions that highlight the benefits of a 5G network. Developers will be challenged to build solutions that take advantage of the high bandwidth and/or low latency of a 5G network with accelerator prizes for the best entertainment, gaming, VR/AR/MR and IOT solutions focused solutions. The Prizes* Best Overall Hackathon App or IOT Solution 1st Place - $20,000 in cash for the team 2nd Place - $10,000 in cash for the team 3rd Place - $5,000 in cash for the team 4th Place - $2,500 in cash for the team 5th Place - $2,500 in cash for the team Kicker Prizes** Best Entertainment App Overall (Non-Gaming) - $5,000 in cash for the team Best Gaming or Esports Solution - $5,000 in cash for the team Best VR/AR/MR Solution - $5,000 in cash for the team Best Use of IOT or Interactive Toys - $5,000 in cash for the team Best App From a Women Led Team - $2,500 in cash for the team *Finalists will receive travel and accommodation to AT&T SHAPE where they will demo and compete to win on June 22nd and 23rd **Teams may win multiple prizes Register on Eventbrite: https://attshapehack2019.eventbrite.com/?aff=LAMobile

ORACLE JET Mobile Apps

WeWork Vine

SORRY EVERYONE. WE ARE POSTPONING THIS MEETUP. NEW DATE COMING SOON. https://github.com/oracle/oraclejet Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) is targeted at intermediate to advanced JavaScript developers working on client-side applications. It's a collection of open source JavaScript libraries along with a set of Oracle contributed JavaScript libraries that make it as simple and efficient as possible to build applications that consume and interact with Oracle products and services, especially Oracle Cloud services. - Learn JET command line tooling - Learn the Cordova API - Learn the proper use of Knockout.js - Learn how AMD modules work with RequireJS for lazy loading - Review Responsive layout and Responsive JavaScript features - Use ojModule and ojRouter to bring single page applications to life

Enterprise App Stores for iOS and Android
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There is ample opportunity to create iPhone and Android apps that work securely for business users using Secure Work Space from BlackBerry which creates Enterprise App Stores for both iOS and Android. Learn how to protect your business data in the event of phone loss. Easily deploy apps to hundreds of devices at one time. Built on 14 years of enterprise mobility management experience and currently used by 16 of the top G20 governments. This is the only solution with “Full Operational Capability” on U.S. Department of Defense networks. Learn more about Secure Work Space (http://us.blackberry.com/business/products-services/bes-10.html#secureworkspace) Who is running BES10?

Working with Android Studio
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Get a fork... using Eclipse to build Android apps has been deprecated. "If you have not had the chance to migrate your projects to Android Studio, now is the time" -- Android Developers Blog, http://android-developers.blogspot.com/2015/06/an-update-on-eclipse-android-developer.html We will be going over how to migrate your Eclipse projects and running Hello World and going over how to use plugins in the IDE. If any one is interested in presenting on something, let us know. Agenda - Installation of Android Studio - Installation of SDK Manager - Creating a Project - Importing a Project from Eclipse - Differences between Android Studio and Eclipse - Cordova/PhoneGap and Android Studio

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