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Off-Leash Playtime at Thornburgh

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Crafton / Thornburg Dog Park

Rutgers Road · Pittsburgh, PA

How to find us

Look for Sobee (Shep/Dobe mix) near the parking lot or in the center of the park a few minutes after 10:00 a.m.

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Meet up with Sobee and his dog buddies for some fun, off-leash time at the former golf course, now dog park, at Thornburgh.

Thornburgh is a "permit-only" location as of June 2012. If you do not have a tag for your dog to use this park, you may be cited. Ask our group's organizer for specifics on how to obtain a permit tag for your dog to use the park.

The park offers chances for hiking, romping, and even a couple dips in the creek. With the snow melting, it's bound to be quite muddy. Dress accordingly, particularly by wearing sturdy boots or shoes, and plan for your dog(s) to get dirty.

Thornburgh Park is not fenced. While most dogs will stay with the group and the other dogs, if your dog does not have a reliable recall, you may want to consider this an on-leash experience. The dogs will frequently run ahead of the humans, and there's not much that can be done to dissuade them from running down the bank to the creek and getting soaked -- expect it, and you won't be disappointed :-)

Bring poop bags, and plan to clean up after your dog. Several trash receptacles are located throughout the park. Not cleaning up after your dog is not an option -- we don't want to lose this awesome park as a place for us and our dogs to enjoy.

Depending on how Sobee is feeling and behaving, and how many people and dogs show up, we may spend more time in the center of the park for off-leash ridiculousness, or we may hike down the trail to give the dogs a more aerobic walk. We'll plan to be at the park for at least 90 minutes, possibly two hours or more. Feel free to leave anytime you and your dog are ready to go.

The park is located off Route 60 in Crafton. Drive to the intersection by the Sharp Edge Creekhouse, and turn onto the street as if you're going to the Sharp Edge. Continue driving straight forward. Stay left at the "Y", and drive until you see the parking lot for the park.

If you arrive early or late, and you don't see Sobee (orange Jeep) waiting near the parking lot, head into the center of the park -- it's straight ahead from the entrance by the trash can. You will eventually run into the group, along with other very nice folks and their dogs.

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