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Special Guest Ryan Bigg at LA Ruby March Meetup

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This month, thanks to the generous sponsorship of The Hybrid Group, we have a special guest! Ryan Bigg (aka Radar), co-author of Rails 4 In Action, author of the upcoming book Multitenancy with Rails, and winner of a 2011 Ruby Hero award.

In order to accommodate his schedule, we've moved the meetup date to March 12th, so please note that the meetup will be on Tuesday and not Thursday as usual.

We will be meeting at's offices in Downtown LA, on the 44th floor of the Paul Hasting Building. Just tell the security guard you are going to a meeting at I understand they have a magnificent view from there! See below for parking information.


7:00 – 7:15 Open
7:15 – 7:30 Introductions
7:30 – 9:00 Presentations
9:00 – 10:00 Open / Networking


Maintaining a large OSS project: war stories by Ryan Bigg (aka Radar)

At the end of 2011, I switched from being a Ruby consultant to being one of the lead maintainers of the biggest OSS Ruby projects. Best part is: I get paid to do it.

During that time, I've learned an awful lot about what it means to be responsible for something as massive as this project. Refactoring the code without causing tears for loyal users has been an extremely interesting problem to have.

I have some rather interesting stories to tell, like the time I renamed most of the files deliberately on purpose, or that time I ripped out a component that people depended on, and everyone was still happy. There's even been times where code has been moved out of the models and into new classes, which seems to be the cool thing to do.

Static Analysis for Ruby: It's okay to be sloppy by Justin Collins

Statically analyzing programs has been proven to be both undecidable AND uncomputable even for statically typed why even bother trying it with Ruby, which includes "eval", "method_missing", "const_get", and "send"?

As with many "impossible" problems in computer science, there are benefits to finding solutions that are "good enough" and not worrying too much about perfect results. This talk will cover the techniques Brakeman (Rails static analysis security tool) uses to improve accuracy and relevance of security warnings with Ruby data flow analysis. Hopefully this will demonstrate the usefulness of static analysis even on very dynamic languages.

Justin works on the product security team at Twitter and is a PhD candidate at UCLA.

Understanding The Hal Hypermedia API by Herman Radtke

Hypermedia is the new REST. Specifically, the Hal hypermedia type allows API authors to link representations together to create an API that is more easily consumable by the client. I will walk through how the Hal response format is used. I will also cover the ruby gems available to create the Hal response.

I am a sociologist turned full stack engineer working at HauteLook in downtown LA. I work on the API that drives HauteLooks website and mobile applications. I write PHP at work during the day and am a Rubyist at night. I very passionate about creating and consuming hypermedia APIs, especially Hal. I enjoy homebrewing, hiking, camping and reading literature.

Location has offered some great perks for this meet-up. First of all, they are providing access to their 44th floor dining and training rooms, which includes wifi access and projection screens. You’ll be impressed with the scenic views of the mountains and downtown LA. They will also be providing pizza and soft drinks and they even have a pool table, ping pong table and wii available for some added fun. They are located at 515 S. Flower St. on the 44th floor of the Paul Hastings Tower at City National Plaza in Downtown Los Angeles.

* You must bring a valid I.D. to check-in with the building security.


You’ll be happy to hear that is providing validation for parking at the LA Central Library parking garage at 524 S Flower Street lot across the street (first come, first served); it’s literally across the street from the office building. The rate after 4pm is $8 without validation. Also, here is a map of the meters and free spots after 6/7/8pm (please check all signs) -

*Note: Do Not Park in the City National Parking parking structure downstairs at 500 S. Flower St. There is no validation provided there and per hour is more expensive than parking at the Library.