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LARuby December Meetup

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611 N. Brand Blvd 5th Floor · Glendale, CA

How to find us

Tell the security guard in the lobby that you're here for LA Ruby. We'll send somebody down to the lobby to get you.

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Join us at AT&T Interactive this Thursday, December 9th, for the December LA Ruby meetup.

We're having three speakers this month, and hopefully we can wrap up a little early and head over to Tavern on Brand just a couple of blocks South for drinks and socializing.

PARKING INSTRUCTIONS There are parking entrances for 611 N. Brand on Brand, Doran, and Sanchez. We will validate your parking ticket when you leave the meetup.

Approximate Schedule:

7:00-7:15 Open / Networking
7:15-7:30 Introductions / Announcements
7:30-9:00 Presentations (25 minute presentation + 5 minute Q&A)
9:00-10:00 Open / Networking / Drinks at a nearby bar

Here are the speakers for this month:

Giles Bowkett on Easy Node.js Apps With Lisp

Lisp is a programming language which allows you to manipulate its abstract syntax tree directly. The popular quote about every other language being a partial implementation of Lisp is not just snark; all programming languages use an abstract syntax tree, so Lisp is literally and mathematically either equal to, or a superset of, every other programming language. However, if you've wanted to build anything actually useful with Lisp, you've historically been in the position of having no vibrant, powerful open source community to draw on. Not many people enjoyed this tradeoff, but fortunately, it is no longer the case. Sibilant is a Lisp written on top of Node.js, a new server-side JavaScript library for writing servers. Node has an active open source community, and it runs on the lightning-fast V8 JavaScript interpreter (written and supported by Google). Thanks to V8, Node, and Sibilant, it is now trivially easy to write web servers, command-line utilities, and applications (server-side, client-side, or both) in a fast, well-supported Lisp. This talk will show you how. There may be slides. There will definitely be GitHubs.

Giles Bowkett is an actor, hacker, affiliate marketer, mad scientist, video maker, artist, musician, conference speaker, tamer of beasts, seducer of womens, and internet blowhard who discovered Atlantis.

Shane Becker, HTML & CSS Sitting in a Tree. Kay Eye Es Es Eye En OH EM GEE!

HTML and CSS are really the Alpha and Omega of the web. Everyone who is making web sites, whether they are static or dynamic, needs to have a decent handle on HTML and CSS. Even if you think you're not a "designer". HTML5 and CSS3, the new versions of both languages, offer new features and refined simplicity. This talk will be a very high level overview of HTML and CSS fundamentals with a quick dive into the HTML5/CSS new hotness.

Shane Becker is just some dude who lives in LA. He makes websites and stuff. HTML & CSS are like the coolest thing ever to him. He's a little bit opinionated design, typography, semantics and other front end issues. He's been using Ruby and Rails since Rails 1.0 shipped. He makes things at .

Jason Roberts on Software Entrepreneurship

The Ruby community features some very successful businesses which started as side projects, most prominently 37Signals and GitHub. As a community we have an entrepreneurial fever - but it brings questions with it. How do you bootstrap a web app in your spare time while working as a freelance developer? How do you do either one of those things in the first place - let alone both at the same time, while balancing the obligations of family? How do you make your startup successful? Jason Roberts is going to tell us about his experiences and how he solves these problems.

Jason Roberts works from home as a freelance developer, was in talks to sell his startup to Google in 2005, has interviewed tons of entrepreneurs on the TechZing podcast (which he runs along with Justin Vincent), once slept on Mike Arrington's couch, and is bootstrapping a startup while raising three kids.